Software License Agreement for Non-Commercial Use

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This Software License Agreement between the Regents of New Mexico State University/Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center and the end user represents the legal agreement governing the use of SWBIC developed software. Use of this software constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions enumerated herein and agreement to abide by said terms and conditions.

The end user is hereby granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-commercial license to use the software under the terms and conditions enumerated herein. Commercial utilization of this software or any of its components requires a separate license.


Copyright 1998, Regents of New Mexico State University/National Biotechnology Information Facility.


Title, ownership rights, and all intellectual property rights in this software shall remain with the Regents of New Mexico State University/National Biotechnology Information Facility.


The end user may:

  1. Use the software in any non-commercial use, provided that the following occurs
    1. All source code in-line documentation, including copyright notices, are to remain a part of the software

    2. Acknowledgment to the Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center is given in publications, presentations, etc.
  2. Develop non-commercial derivative works, provided that a copy of the derivative work is submitted to the National Biotechnology Information Facility and a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use and disseminate the derivative works is granted to SWBIC. Creators of derivative works agree to clearly and unambiguously document the changes made in the source code and any executable software. This documentation shall include in-line documentation in the source code and appropriate documentation for executables. Derivative work shall be given names such as to unambiguously distinguish them from the original SWBIC code. There shall be no fee charged for any derivative work distributed by the end-user.

  3. Compile the source code to create relocatable or executable code for other computer platforms. End users are requested to submit a copy to SWBIC for dissemination to other users via the World-Wide Web.


Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U. S. Government is subject to the terms and conditions enumerated above.


This software is provided on an “as-is” basis, without any express or implied warranty, merchantability, or fitness for any use. Use of the software shall be at the end-user’s risk.