EXTended NUMeric (EXTNUM) range floating point type

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1. Introduction

The purpose of the EXTNUM class implementation is to provide the user with a floating point number type that extends the dynamic range (i.e., the allowable range of the exponent) for a double type floating point number, while preserving the approximate 15 digit precision of the double as well. The class presumes that the internal format of the double type on the user’s machine is compliant with the IEEE 754 standard. The class is intended to mimic the numerical behavior of the built-in double floating point type while EXTNUM-type values lie within the range of the double.

2. Internal Structure and Operation

    2.1 Range of representation

2.2 Use of the IEEE floating point format

2.3 Method of implementation

3. Available Constructors, Operators, and Functions

    3.1 Constructors

3.2 Conversion functions

3.3 Relational and logical operators

3.4 Mathematical functions

3.5 Stream inserters/extractors

4. Installation

    4.1 Platform compatibility

4.2 Software availability and usage

4.3 License and Legal
– NOTE: You must read and agree to the License in order to access the source code download pages.

5. Test Code using EXTNUM

    5.1 Functional test code     (Available under License and Legal – Section 4.3 above)

5.2 Timing test code     (Available under License and Legal – Section 4.3 above)

6. Tested Platforms and Output

      (Available under License and Legal – Section 4.3 above)