EXTended NUMeric (EXTNUM)

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4. Installation

4.1 Platform compatibility

The EXTNUM class was developed on 80486 and Pentium PC NetBSD/Linux platforms. The class has been tested with the following hardware/software combinations:

  1. PCs running under Linux, using the gcc 2.8.1 compiler (little endian)
  2. PCs running under Windows 95, using the Symantec C++ version 7 compiler (little endian)
  3. SGIs running under IRIX 6.2, using the MIPS C++ compiler (big endian)
  4. Suns running under the Solaris OS, using the gcc 2.8.1 compiler (big endian)

Users with these particular platforms must use the appropriate little- or big-endian implementations of the DblBits.cc program file to ensure correct operation on their machines. Other platforms not mentioned here must be tested using the functional test code to determine the appropriate version of DblBits.cc to use, if the user does not know the internal numerical architecture of the given machine.

4.2 Software availability and usage

The EXTNUM class implementation is available for download as either a little endian or big endian version. The two versions differ only in the coding of the DblBits.cc file.

4.3 License and Legal

License agreement
– NOTE: You must read and agree to the License in order to access the source code download pages.