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ABC Research Corporation
ABC Research Corporation provides analytical and technical services to the food industry.

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Advanced Chemical Technology, Inc.
(ACT) “Advanced Chemical Technology, specializes in barrier technology.”

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AllChem Industries, Inc.
AllChem Industries, Inc. supplies chemicals for pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

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Altman Scientific, Inc.
Altman Scientific, Inc. calibrates and repairs pipettes, and sells pipette parts to companies that also service pipettes.

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Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.
Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc. supplies lipids to researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

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Bio-Logic Research and Development Corp.
Bio-Logic develops new treatments for cancer including Metastatin, which stops tumors from blocking immune attacks, resulting in remission of the tumor.

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Center for Disease Control
The CDC helps to prevent and control disease, injury, and disability.

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Deerland Corporation
Deerland markets a broad range of enzyme products. The corporation has both an east and a west coast office.

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Dyadic Industries International, LTD., Incorporated
The Dyadic Group Companies develop and manufacture industrial enzymes, minerals, chemical formulations, and processing aids for the natural fiber and food processing industries.

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GenScreen provides domain names specific to the biotechnology area.

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Innovative Research of America
Innovative Research of America supplies scientists with time release hormones and drug pellets for research.

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Interbio develops and distributes microbial products for such things as wastewater treatment and bioremediation.

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Lee Laboratories
Lee Laboratories supplies immunological reagents and services.

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LOC Scientific,Inc.
LOC Scientific, Inc. focuses solely on the installation of lab furniture and fume hoods.

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Medical Products, Inc.
Medical Products’ primary goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service combined with enhanced profits, as distribution will only sell to medical dealers and distributors.

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TechGeorgia Nexus
Product development in the Medical Device, Biotechnology, and Information Technology Industry to enable our customers to get their products to market in the shortest possible time, a nexus of resources for the Medical, Biotechnology, and Information Technology Industries.

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Theragenics Corp.
Theragenics produces and sells implantable radiation devices used in the treatment of cancer and TheraSeed�, a FDA – licensed device for use in solid localized tumors.

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World Precision Instruments, Inc.
World Precision Instruments, Inc. produces bioscience lab equipment.

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wRight BioDiagnostics
wRight BioDiangostics LC has the exclusive license for the Alkaline Phosphatase detection system, a non-islotopic technique which produces an insoluble chromogenic precipitate.

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Zefon International
Zefon International sells and distributes analytical accessories for the environmental industry, molded plastic products, and disposable products for the healthcare industry.

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