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2nd Window Advanced Clinical Software
Advanced Clinical Software has been providing high quality software and services to research sites, pharmaceutical sponsors, CRO’s, and SMO’s.
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2nd Window A-Fem Medical Corporation
A-Fem is a medical technology company with multiple platforms targeting unmet needs in women’s health.
[more info][12932]

2nd Window Alcide Corp.
Alcide is dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of antimicrobial products for animal health, human health, food safety, and industrial applications.
[more info][12194]

2nd Window A-M Systems, Inc.
A-M systems manufactures a broad range of high quality products to meet the changing needs of today’s healthcare and Bio-Medical research and teaching organizations.
[more info][10374]

2nd Window Applied Precision, Inc.
Applied Precision is focused on producing innovative value-adding product solutions that enable our customers to achieve their research, development, and production goals.
[more info][10694]

2nd Window Aseptico, Inc.
Aseptico designs and manufactures dental equipment.
[more info][11550]

2nd Window ATL Ultrasound
ATL Ultrasound is a leader in diagnostic ultrasound.
[more info][11969]

2nd Window Bio Research Laboratories
BRL provides laboratory services for a wide variety of industries: pharmaceutical research and development, food and cosmetic safety testing, toxicity bioassays, environmental testing, microbiology, fermentation, and water/wastewater testing.
[more info][12288]

2nd Window BioGuard Technologies, Inc.
BioGuard Technologies develops, licenses, and manufactures safe, environmentally friendly, and sustained-release delivery systems for agrochemicals and biological control agents.
[more info][11332]

2nd Window Biomed Comm
Biomed Comm produces homeopathic growth factors that represent a new class of medicines combining today’s advanced biotechnologies, Electro-magnetic field theory, and basic homeopathic principles formed over two centuries ago.
[more info][11220]

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2nd Window BioPharmaceutical Resources
BioPharmaceutical Resources provides contract and consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who want to outsource some portion of their development and manufacturing activities.
[more info][13251]

2nd Window Bio-Preserve Medical Corp.
Bio-Preserve Medical Corp. develops fully automated perfusion devices for isolated organ research.
[more info][13254]

2nd Window Cadwell
Cadwell supplies electroneurodiagnostic medical equipment.
[more info][12264]

2nd Window Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
CTI is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small-molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer and immune diseases.
[more info][13289]

2nd Window CellPath, Inc.
CellPath discovers and develops new drugs using a bioassay that utilizes the original living cells afflicted with a disease.
[more info][13291]

2nd Window Cerep, Inc.
Cerep uses screening technologies with combinatorial chemistry and drug design techniques to create biologically-active molecules in the drug discovery process.
[more info][13323]

2nd Window Chondrex, Inc.
Chondrex specializes in the biochemistry and immunology of collagen, related to arthritis research.
[more info][13335]

2nd Window Corixa Corporation
Corixa is a research-based biotechnology company committed to saving lives and preventing disease by understanding and directing the immune system.
[more info][13350]

2nd Window Dendreon Corporation
Dendreon develops cell-based therapies based on the use of dendritic cells.
[more info][13388]

2nd Window Diagnostic Ultrasound
Diagnostic Ultrasound develops diagnostic products using utrasound technology for the healthcare industry.
[more info][13397]

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2nd Window EDEN Bioscience Corp.
EDEN Bioscience Corporation is an agricultural biotechnology company engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of protein based plant vaccine and growth enhancement products for use in commercial agriculture.
[more info][13441]

2nd Window Emerald BioStructures, Inc.
Emerald BioStructures offers products and services in protein X-ray crystallography, specializing in protein crystallization.
[more info][13449]

2nd Window Exonix, Inc.
Exonix develops, manufactures, and licenses reagents for diagnostic use.
[more info][13469]

2nd Window Gene Tools, LLC
Gene Tools is a source for Morpholino antisense oligos. Morpholinos provides specificity, predictable targeting, complete stability, and high efficacy by a true antisense mechanism. A delivery system of antisense oligos into the cytosol is also provided.
[more info][13503]

2nd Window Genespan Corp.
Genespan develops tools and research for gene therapy, accelerated drug discovery, and enhanced affordable therapy.
[more info][10556]

2nd Window Geospiza, Inc.
Geospiza provides creative ways for biologists to use state-of-the-art software tools.
[more info][12842]

2nd Window Guidant
Guidant designs and develops cardiovascular medical products as well as providing physicians with leading-edge technologies for improvement in patient management and clinical outcomes.
[more info][12723]

2nd Window Heartstream, Inc.
Heartstream develops, manufacturers, and markets automatic external defibrillators for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.
[more info][13233]

2nd Window Hokanson
Hokanson provides diagnostic instruments for non-invasive vascular testing.
[more info][13240]

2nd Window ICOS Corp.
ICOS develops new pharmaceuticals by seeking points of intervention in the inflammatory process that may lead to more specific and potent drugs.
[more info][13299]

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2nd Window ID Vaccine Corp.
ID Biomedical’s business is focused on two rapidly emerging healthcare markets: gene-based testing and subunit vaccines.
[more info][13300]

2nd Window Immunex
Immunex develops immune system science to battle inflammatory and infectious diseases, as well as cancer.
[more info][13305]

2nd Window Institute for Science Training and Research, Inc.
ISTR provides in-depth and understandable biotechnology training to individuals and companies worldwide
[more info][13347]

2nd Window J & J Engineering, Inc.
J.J. Engineering manufactures physiological monitoring and biofeedback systems.
[more info][13374]

2nd Window Kent Laboratories
Kent Laboratories produces immunology products, while keeping with the latest technology and maintaining an affordable price.
[more info][13406]

2nd Window LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.
LifeSpan’s mission is to help customers find the most important genes involved in the major human diseases, to furnish a comprehensive array of services to companies, and to be the innovator of molecular pathology.
[more info][13424]

2nd Window Lucent Medical Systems, Inc.
Lucent Medical Systems is committed to designing high quality, sophisticated, yet cost-effective location and navigation-related medical devices and systems.
[more info][13436]

2nd Window MDS Panlabs
MDS Panlabs provides expert services in discovering and characterizing drugs from natural or synthetic sources, accelerating the path to market, and improving production using classical and molecular approaches.
[more info][13511]

2nd Window MEDTAP International
MEDTAP International works to offer high-quality research services wherever they are needed.
[more info][13522]

2nd Window Ostex International, Inc.
Ostex International, Inc. is engaged in the discovery and commercialization of products associated with osteoporosis and other collagen-related diseases.
[more info][13558]

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2nd Window PhenoPath Laboratories
PhenoPath Laboratories is committed in conducting research in immunochemistry.
[more info][13733]

2nd Window Physio-Control Corp.
Physio-Control manufactures and sells defibrillators and related medical equipment and accessories.
[more info][13734]

2nd Window ProCyte Corporation
ProCyte is a healthcare company engaged in the development, manufacture, and marketing of wound care, haircare, and skin heatlh products.
[more info][13746]

2nd Window Prolinx, Inc.
Prolinx, Inc. is developing and commercializing enabling chemistries for the immobilization, purification, and detection of biological molecules.
[more info][13748]

2nd Window ProRepCo, Inc.
ProRepCo specializes in medical product design and manufacturing, as well as standard and custom components for medical and high technology application.
[more info][13750]

2nd Window SeaMED Corp
SeaMED Corp is a supplier of contract engineering and manufacturing in the medical device industry.
[more info][13596]

2nd Window Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company focused on enhancing the survival of cancer patients through monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics.
[more info][13598]

2nd Window Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, LTD
Shin Nippon Biomedical La