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AcuVector Group, Inc.
(AGI) “AcuVector Group, Inc. has developed advanced technologies to formulate and test gene-therapy vaccines and is in the process of developing commercial product lines based on these exciting technological breakthroughs.”

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A private company serving primarily the Canadian biotechnology industry and research laboratories, acting as a bridge between Canadian biotech and the rest of the world.

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BioSignal Packard
[Packard BioScience Company] “BioSignal Packard, is a subsidiary of Packard BioScience Company and a provider of proprietary assay technologies for drug discovery applications, G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR)
reagents and services for assay development and contract screening.”

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[Alberta Research Council] A manufacturer of many types of fermentation products including: enzymes, animal vaccines, pharaceutical intermediates, exocellular polymer, and advanced biomaterials.

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Ecochem develops natural/organic alternatives that contribute to sustainable agricultural development and environmental protection.

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Global-Controls, Inc.
Global-Controls offers an extensive line of building controls and mechanical peripheral products including temp, humidity and gas sensors, actuators for valves and dampers, VAV boxes and dampers, and dynamic air purification & germinicidal systems.

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Groupe Conporec, Inc.
Conporec focuses mainly on responsible solid waste
management practices and stringent process control strategies to contain odors.

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Infectio Diagnostic
Leader in the research, development and marketing molecular diagnostic products for infectious diseases of baterial and fungal origin. This technology provides fast and precise results. IDI Lab, a division of IDI, provides rapid molecular diagnostic services in various areas of human health.

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KAM Biotechnology
KAM Biotechnology focuses on bioremediation technology and the development of commercialization of ecologically-sound products and technologies.

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Lorus Therapeutics, Inc.
A Canadian biopharmaceutical company specialising in the research, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products and technologies for the management of cancer.

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NewVentures Bioconsulting
An international consulting firm providing bioscientific technology assessments and consulting services to the biotechnology, investment and legal communities.

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NRC – Plant Biotechnology Institute
[National Research Council] The Plant Biotechnology Institute performs, assists, and promotes strategic research in plant biotechnology.

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StemCell Technologies
StemCell Technologies manufactures and distributes a variety of products, literature, and media in regards to stem cell technology.

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