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2nd Window 5 Prime-3 Prime, Inc.
5 Prime-3 Prime develops and manufactures molecular biology reagents and kits.
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2nd Window Adolor Corp.
Adolor is committed to the development of novel analgesic and related therapeutics based upon recent advances in proprietary medicinal chemistry and recombinant receptor technology.
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2nd Window A/G Technology Corporation
A/G Technology supplies and develops products for ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and gas separation in the membrane separation technology.
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2nd Window Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc.
Alpha Diagnostic International provides peptide synthesis and antibody services. It also distributes and manufactures ELISA kits.
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2nd Window AlphaGene, Inc.
AlphaGene, Inc. develops gene and protein discovery technologies for aiding pharmaceutical companies in discovery of new drugs.
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2nd Window Applied Maths
Producer of sofware for the analysis of fingerprints (GelComparII), of genomic sequences (Kodon)and micro-arrays (GeneMaths). With the package BioNumerics, all these different types of data can be integrated, stored and compared. Oracle, SQL, Access, … compatible. Full package for the acquisition, storage and analysis of epidemiological and biological information.
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2nd Window Athersys, Inc.
Athersys is a functional genomics and biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and application of novel research tools and therapeutic products.
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2nd Window Bayer Biotechnology
Bayer Biotechnology produces recombinant proteins and antibodies that represent therapeutic potential.
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2nd Window BIOMOL Research Laboratories, Inc.
BIOMOL Research Laboratories, Inc. has a mission to develop reagents for signal transduction, bioactive lipids, and neuropharmacologies.
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2nd Window Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Bio-Rad specializes in electrophoresis and chromatography techniques, and develops and manufactures instruments and chemicals for analysis, separation, and production of biological molecules such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.
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2nd Window Biostar, Inc.
Biostar, Inc. uses optical detection technology for molecular applications.
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2nd Window BioTime, Inc.
BioTime is engaged in the research and development of aqueous-based synthetic solutions that may be used as plasma expanders, organ preservation solutions, or solutions to replace blood volume during low temperature surgery.
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2nd Window Catalytica, Inc.
Catalytica focuses on catalytic process technology through the use of molecularly designed proprietary catalysts for transformation of efficient and cleaner industrial processes.
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2nd Window Cellomics
Cellomics’ mission is to improve the efficiency of the drug discovery process by delivering a cell-based screening platform that automates target validation and lead optimization using fluorescence-based assays.
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2nd Window Celsus Laboratories, Inc
Celsus Laboratories, Inc. manufactures and tests GAGs used in injectable drugs, blood collection, blood gas analysis devices, and thromboresistant coatings for blood-interacting biomaterials.
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2nd Window Chemgenes Corp.
Chemgenes manufactures products for DNA/RNA synthesis, and also offers custom syntheses.
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2nd Window Chiron
Chiron has research programs in recombinant proteins, combinatorial chemistry, and gene therapy. Chiron also participates in diagnostics, therapeutics, and pediatric and adult vaccines.
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2nd Window Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.
Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. creates analytical tools for protein discovery and structural and functional analyes of proteins.
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2nd Window Covance
Covance is involved in early compound development.
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2nd Window Demegen, Inc.
Demegen, Inc. is a research & development company which designs peptides and peptide-encoded genes to improve the health of humans, animals, and plants.
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2nd Window Digital Gene Technolgies, Inc.
Digital Gene Technologies, Inc. combines patented genomics technology with advanced bioinformatics to identify and determine anatomical distribution and expression patterns of the genes contained in any cell or tissue sample.
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2nd Window Diversa
Diversa is dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of new protein-based catalysts for chemical syntheses and industrial processes.
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2nd Window Dyadic Industries International, LTD., Incorporated
The Dyadic Group Companies develop and manufacture industrial enzymes, minerals, chemical formulations, and processing aids for the natural fiber and food processing industries.
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2nd Window Dynal
Dynal Biotech is the supplier of Dynabeads. Superparamagnetic, monodisperse Dynabeads are key to the leading technology of magnetic isolation of cells, proteins and genetic material. Dynal Biotech offers magnetic separation solutions in the areas of immunology and molecular biology. In addition, we offer a wide range of non-magnetic particles and products for HLA tissue typing.
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2nd Window Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Exelixis Pharmaceuticals uses model organism genetics and related technologies for the identification and validation of high-quality screening targets, therapeutic proteins, and biopesticides for the pharmaceutical and animal health industries.
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2nd Window ExpressGen, Incorporated
ExpressGen provides full length gene cloning and gene expression in bacterial, insect, and mammalian expression systems; and recombinant protein purification services to academia, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.
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2nd Window FibroGen, Inc.
FibroGen is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of innovative recombinant human/animal collagen biomaterials and novel anti-fibrotic pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13471]

2nd Window Genencor International
Genencor develops, manufactures, and markets innovative enzymes and other biocatalysts.
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2nd Window Genset Corp.
Genset Corp. analyzes the human genome to identify and patent genes and regulatory regions related to selected common diseases, and also to discover drugs.
[more info][12486]

2nd Window Human Genome Sciences, Inc.
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. is researching human and microbial genes for prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases.
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2nd Window Ingen Laboratories, Inc.
Ingen Labs specializes in research and development of in-situ based molecular technology.
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2nd Window The Institute for Genomic Research
The Institute for Genomic Research develops structure, function, and comparative analyses of genomes and genome products between prokaryotes and eukaryotes in databases.
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2nd Window Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. offers molecular biology research products and custom services.
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2nd Window LION Bioscience, Inc.
LION Bioscience applies sequencing technology and bioinformatics to provide fast and cost effective genomic analysis services.
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2nd Window Neose Technologies, Inc.
Neose Technologies is developing a broad proprietary technology platform for the enzymatic synthesis, manufacture, and commercialization of complex carbohydrates for nutritional, pharmaceutical, consumer, and industrial uses.
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2nd Window Orchid Biocomputer, Inc.
Orchid develops tools that perform customized single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping for pharmacogenetics and diagnostic applications assays.
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2nd Window OriGene Technologies, Inc.
OriGene Technologies is a biotechnology company focused on developing products to help scientists clone genes faster, easier, and less-expensively.
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2nd Window PerSeptive Biosystems
PerSeptive Biosystems develops purification, analysis, and synthesis products.
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2nd Window Prolinx, Inc.
Prolinx, Inc. is developing and commercializing enabling chemistries for the immobilization, purification, and detection of biological molecules.
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2nd Window Qiagen
Qiagen develops bioseparation products, and nucleic acid and protein purification technologies.
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2nd Window Rapigene, Inc.
Rapigene is distinguished by its proprietary nucleic acid measurement technologies platform, including the precise and quantitative Masscode tagging system that allows multiple simultaneous measurements.
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2nd Window Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Inc. uses ribozyme technology in human therapeutics, diagnostics, agriculture, and animal health.
[more info][12210]

2nd Window RnD Systems
RnD Systems produces and markets molecular and cell biology reagents.
[more info][12516]

2nd Window Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.
Sangamo is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the rational design of novel transcription factors for the recognition and regulation of mammalian, plant, and microbial gene targets.
[more info][10671]

2nd Window Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceuticals to treat cancer and infectious disease using liposome and lipid-based technologies.
[more info][10188]

2nd Window ThermoGen, Inc.
ThermoGen, Inc. develops stable enzymes and other proteins from the