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Armed forces Radiobiology Research Institute
[U.S. DOD] Biomedical training, radiation contamination research, outreach information.

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Biomedical Instrumentation Center
[Uniformed Services University] BIC provides services in Oligonucleotide/Polypeptide synthesis and sequencing, flow cytometry, light and electron microscopy, lasers and optics, image processing, and BIAcore sensor systems.

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Center for Prostate Disease Research
[Department of Defense (DOD)] (CPDR) This center is dedicated to better understanding of prostate disease, developing early detection, staging and prognostic techniques, and identifying potential new treatments.

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Center for Total Access
[Department of Defense (DoD)] (CTA) This center contains information in the areas of theater medicine, disease management, and telemedicine. Projects include future of health care, asthma and breast cancer education, teledermatology, telepsychiatry, and teleradiology.

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Defense Link
[US Department of Defense (DoD)] This site provides information on a variety of issues that deal with the Department of Defense including research in the Anthrax Vaccination Program and Gulf War Illness. A search engine is provided.

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Relative Risk Site Evaluation Primer
[US Department of Defense (DoD)] This site provides testing information on military bases for testing groundwater, surface water, sediments, and surface soils.

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[US Department of Commerce] A government site that provides the scientist, engineer, and technologist with easy, one-stop access to key U.S. Government resources.

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Structural Biology of Bacterial Toxins
[Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)] The purpose of this project is to develop structural mimics to prevent pathogenesis of toxin superantigens and AB5 toxins from binding to their host cells, which is important in biological warfare and serious natural diseases.

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TRICARE, Military Health System
[Department of Defense (DoD)] This military health system provides information on military health issues, special programs, hot issues, and tricare.

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