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ASM Native American Serving Universities with Microbiological Sciene Programs
[American Society for Microbiology] (ASM) A listing of colleges and universities serving large numbers of Native American students with programs in the Microbiological Sciences.

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HBCU/MI Special Programs & Partnerships
A useful site containing information on HBCU/MI definitions, lists and U. S. Department of Defense HBCU/MI scholarships, fellowships, and other educational enhancement programs.

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HBCU/MI Student Fellowship
[INEEL-HBCU/MI Student Fellowship Program]
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Hispanic Assoication of Colleges and Universities
[HACU] The HACU mission includes improved access to and the quality of postsecondary educational opportunities for Hispanic students. The HACU is also the only national educational association that represents Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs).

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Hispanic Serving Institutions with Microbiological Programs
[American Society for Microbiology] (ASM) The ASM listing of Hispanic Serving Institutions with programs in the Microbiological sciences.

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List of Accredited Postsecondary Minority Institutuions
[U.S. Department of Education] The official list of federally accredited Minority Institutions including HBCU’s and Hispanic serving institutions.

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Minority Institutions Faculty Fellowship Program
[Office of the Secretary of Defense] The HBCU/MI Faculty Fellowship Program is a partnership between the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and minority institutions that provides faculty with an opportunity for challenging experiences with OSD organizations. The program also provides OSD with a cadre of highly skilled professionals who can accomplish short-term projects in their field of expertise. The awarded positions are generally located in the Washington, D.C. area.

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MOLIS: Minority On-Line Information Service
[MOLIS, Sciencewise.com] This page is designed to allow the user to locate information about minority institutions including research centers, faculty, degrees, and grant awards; as well as minority institution targeted opportunities.

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Select Minority Institutions: Search for HBCU/MI’s
[MOLIS, Sciencewise.com] (Office of the Secretary of Defense) A searchable database of all federally recognized minority institutions including HBCU’s and other MI’s.

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