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Bio Netbook
[Institut Pasteur] This search engine provides several features for searches including Boolean operators, specific phrases, language settings, case sensitivity, and the amount of detail to display in the descriptions of the retrieved information.

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This search engine is dedicated to biology information only with normal and categorical searching capabilities. Categories include anthropology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biomedicine, biotechnology, botany, ecology, evolution, genetics, geobiology, microbiology, molecular biology, paleontology, and zoology.

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[ExPASy & Health On the Net Foundation] This is a biology related search engine. It allows simple and complex searches, boolean operators, and refining options which includes specific areas to search such as education, commercial, organizations, the government and the military.

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Bioinformatics Center
[Oxford University Bioinformatics Centre] This search engine searches for information on bioinformatics through the use of simple, Boolean and advanced forms. Options for searching titles, annotations, etc., and number of hits to be retrieved is also provided.

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[European Bioiformatics Institute] This is a search engine that searches information on bioinformatics, biochemistry, and molecular biology. An extended regular expression link is provided on the top of the page that explains how the unix commands work and some examples are provided to increase the understanding of how the search engine works. A very detailed explanation is provided to explain the exact process the engine undergoes.

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[Cambridge Software] This is a web-based chemical index which addresses some of the weaknesses in non-chemical search engines. The user can search for a chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight. Free registration is required.

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[CambridgeSoft] ChemFinder is a search engine designed specifically to find references and information about chemical compounds on the WWW.

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[, Inc.] Citeline is a search engine that searches quality sites that are of interest to pharmaceutical and healthcare professional industries. Sites have been pre-screened for quality by specialists to reduce irrelevant results and to increase desired information. Disease and treatment, organizations, news and journals, and research and trials are 4 categories that will help narrow down desired search results.

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CMS Molecular Biology Resource
[San Diego Supercomputer Center] A compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Evolution, Biochemistry, and Biomolecular Moldeling.

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Education World
[American Fidelity Educational Services] This search engine is directed toward information relating to all areas of education. Lesson planning, curriculum, books in education, education site reviews, administrators, employment listings, cool schools, financial planning, and news / eye on schools are the categorical searches that are provided.

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[National Center for Biotechnology Information] Provides a General search for nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, biomolecule 3D structures, genomes, taxonomy or literature.

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Info Medical
[] (The Medical Business Search Engine) This is a medical search engine that provides an option for an advanced search and tips. The advanced search allows the options for the number of results per page, changes can be case sensitive or insensitive and can search for words, phrases or terms. The tips link provides information on how to conduct a good search. This engine also provides categorical searching which include companies, distributors, products, organizations, services, and WWW resources.

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Info Mine
[Library of the University of California, Riverside] (Scholarly Internet Resource Collections) This is a search engine that searches sites in its database for particular information on biology, agriculture, and medicine sciences. A large categorical search is also provided. Options that are provided are display options, search tips, information on recently added sites, and browsing capability by subject, keyword, or title.

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[Avicom Inc.] MedGuide is a medical based search engine that helps with searches on anything having to do with medicine. A small guide is provided to help with searches that are being conducted. Categories are available that provide information on organizations, associations, and colleges that are in the medical field.

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