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Biotechnology Educational Resources
[National Agriculture Library, USDA] A selected list of biotechnology related resource sites. Categories include general education materials, career information training opportunities, and resource documents. There is also a list of contacts in biotechnology, arranged by state, to be used by educators to assist in developing biotechnology curricula.

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Electronic Emissary
[University of Texas] This is an online program to initiate electronic mail dialogs between students (K-12) and science experts who can answer their questions and broaden their learning experiences. Educators can search the database to match experts with the subject matter currently being studied by their students, and then apply to the Electronic Emissary Project for initiation of a dialog with the expert. All Science fields, including Biotechnology and Biology, are covered.

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Mighty Mentors
[Mighty Media] A free email mentoring service for teachers to help improve teaching techniques and more. Users must be registered before being able to participate in services.

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Molecular Biology Gateway
[Horizon Scientific Press] A collection of links including journals, Internet for the molecular biologist, software sites, newsgroups, genomes and databases, institutes and organizations, and commercial sites.

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