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Access Excellence
[Genentech] Access Excellence is a resource for science educators that covers current events, media watch, issues and ethics and a career center. The Activities Exchange includes the Fellows collection and Activities-To-Go. Access Excellence also includes MentorNet, Online Projects, SciTalk, Science Seminars, AP Bio and Biotech Partnerships, a Teaching and Learning section, and a page about Science Education Reform.

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[BioScience Productions, Inc.] is a non-commercial, educational web site to promote bioscience literacy. The web site provides articles by scientists, science educators, and science students on issues related to seven bioscience challenges: environment, biodiversity, human genome, biotechnology, evolution, new frontiers, and bioscience education. In addition, the web site provides educators with resources to enhance bioscience teaching.

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Big Picture Book of Viruses
[Garry Lab] Catalog of viral images and educational resources. Database can be searched by virus name, structure/genome, host, and disease.

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Biochemistry Easy Search Tool
[Worthington Biochemical Corp.] This site offers searches for information and resources in bioinformatics and other biochemistry-related fields, including courses, tutorials, and K-12.

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A database of Biology and Chemistry related links. The links are divided into categories, some of which are Biotechnology, Biochemistry, general Biology, and Organic Chemistry. Each category is subdivided into informational sites and tutorials. The database also includes sites with relevant journals, lab safety, and careers.

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The Biology Project
[Univ. of Arizona] This site is “an online interactive resource for learning biology”. In addition to a guided tour, it covers the following categories: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Chemicals and Human Health, Developmental Biology, Human Biology, Immunology, Mendelian Genetics, and Molecular Biology.

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Biology Student Workbench
The Biology Workbench is a computational interface and environment that
permits anybody with a web browser to readily use bioinformatics, for research,
teaching, or learning. The Biology Student Workbench consists of curricular
materials centered around molecular biological investigations, links to
educational, scientific, computational, and informational resources, and
communication tools to bind together a contributing community of educators. It
is designed to give a transparent introduction to the use of the Biology Workbench
for learning and teaching biology at all levels.

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A commercial site featuring biotechnology information in the form of a text library, links, journals, supplies, news, jobs, and career information.

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[Univ. of Texas] Biotechnology-related science and educational resource links.

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Biotechnology Information Resource
[USDA National Agricultural Library] BIC provides access to a variety of information services and publications covering many aspects of agricultural biotechnology.

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Center for Bioethics
[Univ. of Pennsylvania] Covers various bioethics-related issues including cloning, bioethics in the ER, euthanasia, and more.

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Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing
[Georgia Institute of Technology] (CEISMC) Dedicated to the enhancement of science, technology and mathematics education. A focus is outreach to the K-12 education community specifically targeted to teachers, students, parents, and community leaders.

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DNA Learning Center
[Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory] “The DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is he world’s first science center devoted entirely to public genetics education.”

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EDinformatics – Bioinformatics
[Edinformatics] An educational site providing information to Bioinformatics sites and databases. The site also provides information and databases on various science and non-science disciplines.

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Education at Cold Spring Habor Laboratory
Courses, workshops, and research opportunities available at CSHL.

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Fast Plants
[Univ.of Wisconsin-Madison] Information about Fast Plants for laboratory and classroom use. Fast Plants are a rapid-cycling form of the species Brassica rapa. Characteristics of Fast Plants include rapid growth (seed to seed in 35-40 days), uniform flowering size, no seed dormancy period, and rapid response to environmental conditions.

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Gene Browser
[Nature Technology Corporation] A comprehensive site with links to information and resources in biotechnology and bioinformatics. The large number of resource categories include academic sites, conferences, employment, genomics, proteins, grants & contracts, intellectual property, methods & protocols, software, and venture capital.

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Genetic Science Learning Center
[University of Utah] This site provides information, activities, experiments and low cost equipment ideas in genetic science. Some of the sections presented are: teaching activities, science projects, experiments to do at home, news, and workshops.

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Genetics Education Center
[Univ. of Kansas Medical Center] A site with links for educators focusing on human genetics.

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The Institute for Genome Research
[TIGR] The Institute for Genomic Research is a non-profit research institute with interests in structural, functional, and comparative analyses of genomes and gene products in viruses, eubacteria, pathogenic bacteria, archaea, and both plant and animal eukaryotes, including humans.

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ISCB – International Society for Computational Biology
[The International Society for Computational Biology] The society emphasizes computing and informatics in advancing molecular biology. ICSB provides information about meetings, tutorials, publications, training, other education, and employment.

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ISU Office of Biotechnology
[Iowa State University] A site with online newsletters, a forum and links to help educators teaching biotechnology related topics.

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The Molecular Biology Notebook Online
[Rothamsted Experimental Station] A comprehensive package for the hands-on teaching of Molecular Biology. This site provides a complete framework for the teaching and learning of Molecular Biology from early secondary school to universities.

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National Centre for Biotechnology Education
[Univ. of Reading, UK] A site providing independent and authoritative information, training and resources for schools and colleges, industry, professional organizations and the general public.

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National Science Teacher’s Association
The home page for this very large teacher’s organization includes information on programs and projects, meetings, news, equipment and supplies, online resources, membership information, and publications.

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An extensive, well organized database of science educational sites. Some of the categories included are biological sciences, K-12 science, and science in the news. It contains some of the same links as other databases, but is better organized and categorized, and very easy to navigate.

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SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources
[Univ. of Washington] A detailed list of Science and Mathematical education resources.

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[ Institutions] is an alliance between six different universities, spanning five continents that aims to provide a bioinformatics education to interested students everywhere, regardless of background. The site contains a global, unified bioinformatics learning environment (GLOBULE) made up of modular courses in the disciplines of genomics, bioinformatics, and medical informatics.

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Study Web
Study Web is an extensive database of educational sites on the web. The category “science” under “teaching resources” has links to sites that provide everything from information to tutorials and lesson plans.

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WWW Virtual Library: Biotechnology
[CATO] Part of a vast WWW library, the biotechnology branch covers biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, genetic engineering, medical device development, and related fields.

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