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AgBioForum publishes articles that enhance the on-going dialogue on the economics and management of
agricultural biotechnology. The purpose of AgBioForum is to provide unbiased, timely information and new ideas leading to socially responsible and economically efficient decisions in science, public policy, and private strategies pertaining to agricultural biotechnology.

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A database of Biology and Chemistry related links. The links are divided into categories, some of which are Biotechnology, Biochemistry, general Biology, and Organic Chemistry. Each category is subdivided into informational sites and tutorials. The database also includes sites with relevant journals, lab safety, and careers.

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[EMBL] A quarterly newsletter focusing on bioinformatics research, developments, and services at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and other institutions.

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[ABSP] A quarterly newsletter of the Agricultural Biotechnology for Sustainable Productivity Project.

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BioTactics in Action
[Market Value Concepts] Online newsletter of biotechnology Marketing and Business Development.

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Biotech Sage Report
A monthly newsletter which provides information regarding the biotechnology industry including analysis, interpretation, news and commentary, and information for investing in biotechnology stocks.

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Biotechnology News. Filtered Daily.
[Corante] An independent news service tracking developments in biotechnology. With links to related resources and a daily email newsletter.

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BT Catalyst
[North Carolina Biotechnology Center] A newsletter serving and reporting on North Carolina’s biotechnology industry.

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Bug Bytes
[LSUMC] “In an effort to share information about current issues in infectious diseases, each biweekly issue of Bug Bytes will attempt to present a single problem in infectious diseases.”

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CareerTrax Newsletter
[CareerTrax, Inc.] CareerTrax is a free weekly non-commercial publication geared to the life scientist and Biotechnology Industry.

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CCP11 Newsletter
[Collaborative Computational Project 11] A newsletter that provides research and general articles on bioinformatics and related disciplines by workers in the field.

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Electronic Newsletter Request Form
[Pall] Form to request one of Pall Corporation’s newsletters. Newsletters include: diagnostic, industrial/ED separation, healthcare, and molecular/high throughput screening.

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[European Molecular Biology] EMBnet published quarterly newsletter dealing with current issues in bioinformatics.

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FASEB Newsletter
[Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology] A newsletter providing summaries of FASEB activities and statements.

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Fungal Genetics Newsletter
[University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Microbiology] A newsletter published annually in the late summer providing information on various topics in fungal genetics.

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[Genetic Engineering News] A publication that covers industrial news in biotechnology, biopharma, agriculture, chemistry, enzymes, biomedicine, and the environment. The web site contains tables of content for current and back issues with briefs and information on receiving a free subscription to the full print version.

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Human Genome News
[U.S. DOE Human Genome Program] All 45 published issues of this newsletter containing information from the Human Genome Project.

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[The National Center for Biotechnology Information] This newsletter is intended to inform the biology community of NCBI’s research activities, new products, and availability of database and software services.

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PDB Newsletter
[Protein Data Bank] A quarterly newsletter providing current information on the various activities occurring at the Protein Data Bank.

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[USDA Plant Genome Research Program] A newsletter focusing on plant genomics.

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Scottish Microbiology Society
This web site details the activities of the Scottish Microbiology Society and provides a newsletter and information about upcoming society and society sponsored meetings.

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[North Carolina Biotechnology Center] A newsletter published twice a year which reports on the Center’s programs and activities.

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Weeds World
A newsletter focusing on Arabidopsis.

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