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Chemistry & Biology
[ChemWeb, Inc.] Chemistry and Biology publishes information in the areas of catalytic promiscuity, innovations, trypsin link activity, templates for estrogen receptors, and an analysis of the biosynthetic gene.

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Chemistry & Ecology
[ChemWeb, Inc.] This journal contains application information in the areas of remote sensing, benthic fluxes and pore water profiless, HCH and DDT concentration, effects of pollution, influences of biological and physical processes, sedimentary pigments, and tiered testing apporaches.

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Journal of Chemical Physics
[American Institute of Physics] Topics include information on droplet size dependence on volume expansion rate, dynamics on statistical samples of potential energy surfaces, thermal and mass diffusion in a semi-diluted good solvent polymer solution, state to state Ne-CO rotationally inelastic scattering, and dynamic properties of double-stranded DNA by normal mode analysis.

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Mendeleev Chemistry Journal
[Moscow Univ.] This journal focuses on essential topics of chemical science and technology. Priority is given to those publications that survey not only a detailed picture of achievements and developmental dynamics of the topics under consideration, but also draw readers’ attention to the topical problems.

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