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Chemicke Listy
[Association of Czech Chemical Societies] This journal publishes information in the fields of biochemistry, environmental science, information science, food science, pharmaceutics, education, and material science.

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Current Opinion in Chemical Biology
[ChemWeb, Inc.] Contents of this journal include information in the areas of chemical biology, biotransformation, biocatalysis, interaction and processing, and membrane organizations.

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Internet Journal of Science – Biological Chemistry
[U-Net, Ltd.] This journal publishes information that relates to all aspects of chemistry. Applications of computers in chemistry, such as the use of molecular modeling, bioinformatics, and chemoinformatics, is also discussed.

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Macromolecular Structures
[BioMedNet] This journal provides information on all new atomic resolution macromolecular structures.

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Post-transcriptional Gene Regulatory Mechanisms In Eukaryotes
[DBUK] This journal publishes articles that present an overview of post-transcriptional gene regulation.

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