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Latino Education Directory
[ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Urban Education] A directory of individuals, organizations, government agencies, university departments, and publishers across the country. The directory attempts to establish a contact point for all to share resources, and form networks of support for Latino students wherever they reside.

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Minority Affairs Resources
[American Chemical Society] (ACS) “Minority Affairs provides ACS members and other interested parties a directory of minority programs and/or activities, including scholarships, fellowships, grants, summer programs, workshops, career information, research opportunities, and more.

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MOLIS: Minority On-Line Information Service
[MOLIS, Sciencewise.com] This page is designed to allow the user to locate information about minority institutions including research centers, faculty, degrees, and grant awards; as well as minority institution targeted opportunities.

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[NativeWeb] NativeWeb is an international, nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to using telecommunications including computer technology and the Internet to disseminate information from and about native or Indigenous nations, peoples and organizations around the world.

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