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Bioethics Discussion Pages
[Univ. of Southern California] A moderated site with on-going bioethics discussions.

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ELSI Project
[Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory] A pilot project designed to stimulate bioethics discussions in selected areas of scientific research. Designed for high school students.

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Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee
[Australian Government] The site of a committee that oversees the development and use of innovative genetic manipulation techniques in Australia so that risks associated with the genetics of manipulated organisms are identified and can be managed.

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Genetics and Ethics
[Centre for Applied Ethics, Univ. of British Columbia] A site with many links to bioethics sites, including discussion groups, journals, news and conferences.

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High School Bioethics
[University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics] Communicate directly with a “live” ethics resource person and get the information in real time, primarily for high school students but all other individuals who have a need for bioethics information are welcome.

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