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Bio Online
A leading web resource for the life sciences, Bio Online also features a store, career center, corporate profiles, and events.

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[BioView] BioView is a comprehensive biotechnology/pharmaceutical employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines, including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing/production. The site also contains a fully-searchable
resume database where candidates can place their resumes for review by industry professionals, a BioJob Search Agent, career resources and links, company information and daily industry news delivered directly to your desktop.

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Careers for Biology Majors
[Biology Department, Furman Univ.] An alphabetical listing of specific career descriptions for biology majors.

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Careers in Biology
[The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology] General career information for a variety of interests and careers in biology.

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Careers in Biotechnology
[Iowa State Univ.] Biotechnology Information Series. This web page talks about Biotechnology.

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Future Employment Trends in Biotechnology
[CorpTech] A listing of reports on the future of various biotechnology product groups.

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Guide to Outdoor/Environmental Careers
[Princeton Univ.] An outdoor action guide to outdoor/environmental careers that include job newletters, environmental job leads, basic job questionnaires, and graduate programs in environmental education.

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[SMi Group] “ is a business-to-business vertical market portal, and is the only way to keep up with the rapid pace of change within Pharmaceuticals. is the ultimate resource for online Pharmaceuticals news, research
and market information, and supports business-to-business services by uniting buyers and sellers and enabling online transactions.”

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resource for scientists seeking jobs in biology, chemistry, and other science fields. They offer job searching by company type, region, degree, and keyword, as well as e-mail alerting of jobs, and a resume submission area. They index jobs from academia, industry, and government, with a special emphasis on nontraditional science careers.

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Virtual Career Center for Scientists
[Univ. of California-San Francisco] A page with links to on-line career information.

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