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2nd Window Academic Physician and Scientist
[Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers] A listing of positions in basic science indexed by subject.
[more info][11481]

2nd Window Academic Positions in Science
[The Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National Univ.] A register of academic positions vacant in teaching and research establishments around the world listed by subject and location.
[more info][11482]

2nd Window Agriculture Biotech Chemical Jobs
[NationJob, Inc.] A list of jobs available in the agricultural biotechnology sector.
[more info][11483]

2nd Window Albrecht & Associates
A national and international search firm dealing in the biotechnology, energy, engineering & construction, managed healthcare, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical industries.
[more info][11443]

2nd Window All the Virology on the WWW
[Tulane Univ.] Job resources in biology, health care, microscopy, and scientific instruments. Includes academic, government, corporate and consulting jobs, grants and fellowships, as well as links to job databases.
[more info][11484]

2nd Window Alternative Careers in Biosciences
[Cellular and Molecular Biology Group at Yale] Resources for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who may be interested in pursuing careers that differ from the traditional routes of academic or industrial research.
[more info][11426]

2nd Window AminoXpress
[Legend Microsystems, Inc.] This site for biochemists provides access to the AminoXpress software and the companion internet resources at The AminoXpress software is a 12 module multifunction package that allows users to perform analyses from calculation of molecular weight to prediction of mass distribution of a combinatorial library. is set up for user contributions of general information, job postings, resumes, and more.
[more info][11255]

2nd Window ASPP
[American Society of Plant Physiologists] A listing of jobs and employment resources in plant physiology.
[more info][11486]

2nd Window Bio Online
A leading web resource for the life sciences, Bio Online also features a store, career center, corporate profiles, and events.
[more info][12505]

2nd Window
The objective of is to provide a wealth of information pertaining to the areas of therapeutic and medical diagnostic products and processes. This portal contains the best sites on the web, corporate profiles, news, job, investor, and the most up-to-date information in this ever changing industry.
[more info][13894]

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2nd Window
[Bio Portals Int’l Inc.] A listing of on-line employment opportunities in genomics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, and computers.
[more info][11458]

2nd Window BioInform Career Forum
[BioInform] A career forum with links to bioinformatics careers oppertunities.
[more info][11408]

2nd Window BioJobSource
BioJobSource provides free biotech resources, and tools for biomedical and pharmaceutical job and career candidates. Site offerings include job listings and resume posting resources, resumes and CV models, job search preparation articles, and career publications.
[more info][11316]

2nd Window Biolinks
Internet search engine designed by scientists for scientists. You can post your resume and look at job listings.
[more info][11533]

2nd Window BioMedNet
A commercial site featuring biotechnology information in the form of a text library, links, journals, supplies, news, jobs, and career information.
[more info][12499]

2nd Window BioMedScientist Jobs
[The Scientist & BioMed Central] The Scientist and BioMed Central have joined forces to make BioMedScientist Jobs one of the leading international recruitment websites for Life Science and Medical professionals. Find jobs that are suitable for you by carrying out a quick search or use our advanced search to refine your results against a range of factors.
[more info][11841]

2nd Window Bionet Employment
[BIOSCI] A monthly USENET archive of positions open in the biological sciences.
[more info][11488]

2nd Window BioOnline Career Center
[BioOnline] A comprehensive online career center offering a job search, a career guide, a career forum, and job seeking tools.
[more info][13895]

2nd Window Bioplanet
[BioPlanet] Specializes in bioinformatics jobs and employment with job postings, discussion groups, resumes and career resources.
[more info][11521]

2nd Window BioSnail
BioSnail is an employment web site for the biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Information Technology fields. Candidates can post resumes and search Scientific job openings from companies worldwide. Recruiters and Companies can post job openings to attract qualified candidates. Job seekers can get career advise and determine industry salaries for their particular fields.
[more info][14047]

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2nd Window BioSpace Career Center
[] A source for employment opportunities and career resources in the bioscience industry; listing biotechnology and pharmaceutical jobs by company, region, and category.
[more info][11449]

2nd Window Biotech Careers is a free career service offered to biotech employers and employees.
[more info][11793]

2nd Window Biotech Jobs
[Biofind] A searchable online database of positions and personnel available in the Biotech industry.
[more info][11492]

2nd Window Biotech Law Job Listings
[William K. McLaughlin Associates] An executive search firm for patent attorneys in many fields, including biotechnology.
[more info][11827]

2nd Window BiotechFind is a directory of international links covering the fields of biotechnologies and includes a Biotechnology Career Center.
[more info][14100]

2nd Window BiotechFind Career Center
[BiotechFind] is a directory of international links covering the fields of biotechnologies, including a Biotechnology Career Center.
[more info][12449]

2nd Window Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.
Our monthly publication, Biotechnology Calendar, offers information regarding upcoming events, employmentopportunities, supplies and services pertaining to the biotechnology community. Our publications cover boththe San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA areas. In addition, we produce on-campus trade shows at leading research institutions throughout the nation. Ourproduct shows provide researchers and vendors alike a unique opportunity to meet outside of the lab.
[more info][12863]

2nd Window Biotechnology Job Openings
[Cahill & Associates] A list of current biotechnology job openings.
[more info][11495]

2nd Window BIOVIEW.COM
[BioView] BioView is a comprehensive biotechnology/pharmaceutical employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines, including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing/production. The site also contains a fully-searchableresume database where candidates can place their resumes for review by industry professionals, a BioJob Search Agent, career resources and links, company information and daily industry news delivered directly to your desktop.
[more info][11500]

2nd Window BMN Jobs
[BioMedNet] A database of jobs available and positions wanted in biology, medicine, biochemistry, cell biology, chemistry, ecology, genetics, immunology, and materials science.
[more info][11490]

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2nd Window
Search through the database of articles to learn about the latest employment trends in your field. Choose from thousands of career-related links on professional development.
[more info][11532]

2nd Window Career Planning for Beginning Scientists and Engineers
[National Academy of Sciences] A listing of additional links to employment opportunities and search engines.
[more info][11496]

2nd Window Career Resources
[JobBank USA] JobBank USA specializes in providing employment and resume information services to job candidates, employers, and recruitment firms.
[more info][11497]

2nd Window The CareerBuilder Network
[CareerBuilder, Inc.] A site that enables job seekers to search for job description, job location, company, and features a job calculator which compares the cost of living between different cities.
[more info][11452]

2nd Window CareerCity
[Adams Media] A very extensive site dealing with jobs available in all professions, including biotechnology. It contains a job search database and resume posting.
[more info][11453]

2nd Window CareerHere
[National Institutes of Health] Web-based employment information system developed to house a centralized repository of NIH’s vacancies and job applicants. It also automates the vacancy announcement process.
[more info][11498]

2nd Window CareerMart
[CareerMart, Inc.] A search engine which enables job seekers to search jobs by job category and location.
[more info][11499]

2nd Window CareerShop
[, Inc.] Find high tech jobs matching your qualifications and interest. Also includes resume posting.
[more info][11522]

2nd Window Clinical Research Job-Site
[Job-Sites.Com] Job listings for people with backgrounds in clinical research in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, and related industries.
[more info][11455]

2nd Window Dice
[] A search web site for computer professionals. Bioinformatic and biotech related jobs may be found.
[more info][11501]

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2nd Window
[, Inc.] With employMAX you can search over 287,000 resumes and identify candidates in seconds. Post your resume free of charge.
[more info][11535]

2nd Window Employment Links for the Biomedical Scientist
[Graeme Eisenhofer] Guide to online employment and career links for the biomedical scientist.
[more info][11503]

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