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Agriculture Extensions Pulbications List
[University of Missouri] A listing of abstracts and completed journal articles and other publications. Some are available for fee while some are available for purchase.

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Agriculture Superlynkes
[e-lynks] A multiple links and resources for agriculture and ag-related subjects.

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Ag-West Biotech, Inc.
[AWB] An information source for agricultural biotechnology in Canada.

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[Association of University Technology Managers] A nonprofit association with membership of more than 2,300 technology managers and business executives who manage intellectual property, representing over 300 universities, research institutions, teaching hospitals and a similar number of companies and government organizations.

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Bio Online
A leading web resource for the life sciences, Bio Online also features a store, career center, corporate profiles, and events.

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Bio Online: Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Research/Health Sciences
[Vitadata Corporation] (BIO) This site contains links to other research and academic sites, patient groups, databases, tools, and maps on the internet. Sites can be either WWW servers or Gopher sites.

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BioAbility provides high-quality strategic business information to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life science communities. Services provided include market research, competitor analysis, informational studies, Virtual Information Service studies, and many others.

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BioPharmaceutical Tecnology Center Institute
[Promega Corporation and Ophidian Pharmaceuticals, Inc.] (BTCI) A non-profit organization which facilitates science, technology, nature discovery, and arts programs for children and young adults. BTCI also offers training in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, promotes the exchange of information between industry, educators, and the general public.

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Biosciences and Biotechnology at LLNL
[Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)] “Working with academia, industry, and government, we leverage the laboratory’s capabilities in the physical and engineering sciences to conduct biosciences and biotechnology research of national importance.” This site contains information about LLNL’s bioscience research which includes three main areas: genomics, disease susceptibility and prevention, and healthcare and medical device technology.

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[] A broad site dealing with biotechnology, BioSpace has information on breaking biotech news, investing, companies, biotech communities, industry, and marketplace resources.

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Biotechnology Information Resource
[USDA National Agricultural Library] BIC provides access to a variety of information services and publications covering many aspects of agricultural biotechnology.

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Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
[University of Maryland and the National Institute of Standards and Technology] Joint government/university research site. Includes research and graduate study opportunities, a biological macromolecular crystallization database, and TkRaster3D.

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Center for Biotechnology
[Oak Ridge National Laboratory] Information contained at this site focuses specifically on biomedical, bioprocessing, and environmental technology to pursue applications of biotechnology resources that have been developed over the past 50 years.

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Center for Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
[The University of Texas at Dallas] The CB2 is a research and technology development center. The main objectives of the CB2 are:
(1) To structure programs that will promote and nurture cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities related to biotechnology,
(2) To fit product- and process-oriented biotechnology research and development activities into an academic research environment.

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Center for Hazardous Waste Remediation Research
[University of Idaho] The ultimate goal of Center research is the cleanup of contaminated soils, surface waters, and groundwater. Specific aims are to characterize contaminated sites, develop novel technologies for hazardous waste remediation, and apply them in the field.

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The Center for Isotope Geoscience
[University of Florida] “An interdisciplinary center dedicated to the improvement of analytical techniques for measuring isotopic variations in natural and man-made materials.”

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The Center for Microbial Ecology
[Michigan State University] The intellectual focus of the Center for Microbial Ecology is to understand factors that influence the competitiveness, diversity, and function of microorganisms in their natural and managed habitats.

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Gesellschaft fur Biotechnologische Forschung mbH
A German biotech center. This site contains information on their research in microbiology, natural products, cell and immune biology, molecular biotechnology, biochemical engineering, and structure research.

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InfoBiotech Canada
[IBC] Provides access to information on biotechnology in Canada and worldwide.

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Information Systems for Biotechnology
[ISB] Provides information resources for the the agricultural and environmental biotechnology community.

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International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
[IUPAC] A database of the standards and recommendations for naming and measuring in chemistry. This site contains the joint recommendations of IUPAC and IUBMB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) for naming biological molecules such as amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates, etc.

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[Information Systems for Biotechnology] Provides electronic resources and tools for agricultural and environmental biotechnology research, product development, regulatory issues, and biosafety.

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
[U.S. Department of Energy] LLNL provides biotechnologies and biosciences automation along with mobile robotic systems for the use of nuclear responses, site characterization activities, and interrogation.

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National Centre for Biotechnology Education
[Univ. of Reading, UK] A site providing independent and authoritative information, training and resources for schools and colleges, industry, professional organizations and the general public.

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National Science Teacher’s Association
The home page for this very large teacher’s organization includes information on programs and projects, meetings, news, equipment and supplies, online resources, membership information, and publications.

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The Sanger Centre
The Sanger Centre is a genome research centre founded to further the knowledge of genomes, particularly through large scale sequencing and analysis.

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Southwestern Genomics and Biotechnology Alliance
The goal of this organization is to assemble
multidisciplinary teams of scientists to address regional and
national problems in health, agriculture, the environment,
and security. Specifically, the collaboratory will provide advanced genomic and proteomic technologies
to regional researchers, and
advanced bioinformatics and computational
biology capabilities for related genomic and proteomic
technologies. It will also support the
development of
industry, and
serve as a source
of education and
information for
researchers, and the

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[ Institutions] is an alliance between six different universities, spanning five continents that aims to provide a bioinformatics education to interested students everywhere, regardless of background. The site contains a global, unified bioinformatics learning environment (GLOBULE) made up of modular courses in the disciplines of genomics, bioinformatics, and medical informatics.

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[Penn Net] A comprehensive resource site with information, links, and news for the municipaal water/wastewater industries.

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