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Access Excellence
[Genentech] Access Excellence is a resource for science educators that covers current events, media watch, issues and ethics and a career center. The Activities Exchange includes the Fellows collection and Activities-To-Go. Access Excellence also includes MentorNet, Online Projects, SciTalk, Science Seminars, AP Bio and Biotech Partnerships, a Teaching and Learning section, and a page about Science Education Reform.

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Biology Hypertextbook
[MIT] An online textbook for use in learning and teaching biology and basic molecular biology.

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Biology Links
[Harvard University] An extensive list of Biology related resource sites. Categories include biological databases, software, Biotechnology, and Biology disciplines.

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Caenorhabditis elegans WWW Server
[The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center] This site compiles research data on the soil nematode C. elegans and has a link to the C. elegans genomic database called Wormbase.

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FASEB Newsletter
[Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology] A newsletter providing summaries of FASEB activities and statements.

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Genomes and Organisms
[Infobiogen] Numerous databases of viral, Archaea, bacterial, fungi, plant, and animal genomes.

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[Univ. of Washington] A list of links to resources in various Science disciplines ranging from Biochemistry to Molecular Biotechnology.

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On-Line Biology Book
[Estrella Mountain Community College] (M.J. Farabee) An online Biology textbook written for freshman level Biology classes.

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Principles of Biotechnology
[Iowa State Univ.] A webpage that defines and gives examples of the use of biotechnology. It also describes the processes found in biotechnology.

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Taxonomy Homepage
[NCBI] A database of the names of all of the organisms that are represented in the NCBI genetic database and information on the resources used in maintaining the database.

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Xenopus Molecular Marker Resource
[Vize Lab, University of Texas, Austin] A collection of Xenopus whole mount staining patterns using both antibody and nucleic acid probes. The resource also contains links to additional information about Xenopus.

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