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Agrobacterium tumefaciens
[North Carolina State University.] Provides information about introduction, host range, identification, isolation, life cycle, biology, and control measures of Agrobacterium tumefaciens.This site provides the pictures of the gall symptoms.

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Bacterial Blight of Cotton
[North Carolina State University] Symptoms caused due to Xanthomonas campestris are described in a detailed way.Moreover the management practices to be adopted are also mentioned.

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Citrus Canker Disease
[University of Florida] A site with information on the economic hosts, symptoms, signs, isolation, pathogenicity caused, and host range of Xanthomonas citri.Additionally identification methods for Xanthomonas citri and Xanthomonas aurantifolii have been included.

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Crown Gall of Apple and Stone Fruit
[Penn state University, Department of Plant Pathology] This site provides information about crown gall Symptoms, disease cycle, and disease management.

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This site provides details about the uses of fungi, including the specific methods to distinguish edible and poisonous fungi.

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Fungicides in Agriculute
An information source for the use of fungicides in agriculture

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Genomes of Plant-Associated Microbes
[American Society of Plant Physiologists] (The Plant Cell) Highlights from selected talks and posters on plant-associated microbes presented at the 2nd Agricultural Microbes Genome Conference.

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Insect Pests
Information on various insect pests including the diseases caused and the plants affected.

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Kingdom Fungi
The characteristic features of the divisions of the kingdom fungi are described in detail through an interactive phylogenetic tree.

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Molecular and Genetic Studies of Interactions between Plants and Fungi
The effects of toxins, phytoalexins, hypersensitivity, and resistance between plant and fungi interactions.

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Morphology of Insects
Detailed description about the different parts in the insects like head, thorax, eyes, and wings.

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Plant – Microbe Metabolism
[University of Dundee] Information regarding nitrogen metabolism of N2 fixing symbioses.

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