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3D Virtual Chemistry Library
[Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine] A molecular database that includes structure in several formats, physical data, history and
reactivity of each molecule. This large amount of information provides a better quality resource for the user.

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[Gasteiger Research] CORINA (COoRdINAtes) is a rule and data based system, that automatically generates three-dimensional atomic coordinates from the constitution of a molecule as expressed by a connection table or linear code.

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MIME types for Chemistry
[University of Leeds] This site provides a step-by-step guide through a number of applications of Chemical MIME type on the Web.

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[Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.] SMILES is a simple yet comprehensive chemical nomenclature. The document contains links to various information regarding the SMILES language, e.g., pointers to tutorials, references, parsers, test suites, and SMILES-compliant software.

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SMILES to PDB Conversion
[University of York] (Mike Hartshorn, Department of Chemistry) This site is a resource for converting a SMILES description of a molecule into a chemical/x-pdb file.

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