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2nd Window AlfaGenes
[USDA/ARS] A developing database of the alfalfa genome.
[more info][10969]

2nd Window ARS Genome Database Resource
[USDA-ARS Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics, Cornell University ] A site with plant genome databases and information. Included are plant genes, chromosome maps, DNA fingerprints, beneficial traits, and crop varities that possess query traits.
[more info][10967]

2nd Window Artemis sequence viewer
[The Sanger Centre, U. K.] The Artemis sequence viewer and annotation tool allows visualization of DNA sequence features and sequence analysis, including six-frame translation. Artemis can read complete EMBL and GENBANK database entries or sequence in FASTA or raw format. Written in Java, Artemis is available for UNIX, Macintosh or MS Windows.
[more info][13728]

2nd Window Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
[Univ. of California, Berkeley] (BDGP) A comprehensive site with information on the fruit fly and its genome-related projects, and links to gene and genome analysis tools.
[more info][12010]

2nd Window Berkeley Sequence and Structure Search Site
[University of California, Berkeley] Computational biology site dedicated to aiding biomolecular sequence and structure searching. Along with selected database-searching resources, site offers advice for sequence searching.
[more info][13561]

2nd Window BioCyc
[SRI International] The BioCyc Knowledge Library is the new name for EcoCyc and MetaCyc. It is a collection of Pathway/Genome Databases. Each database in the BioCyc collection describes the genome and metabolic pathways of a single organism, with the exception of the MetaCyc database, which is a reference source on metabolic pathways from many organisms.
[more info][12090]

2nd Window BodyMap
[Osaka University] A human and mouse gene expression data bank, collecting quantitative and qualitative information on gene expression.
[more info][12555]

2nd Window Canadian Bioinformatics Resource
[National Research Council Canada] Canadian Bioinformatics Resource is dedicated to providing the Canadian research community with convenient, effective access to widely used bioinformatics tools and databases.
[more info][12391]

2nd Window CGSC: E. coli Genetic Stock Center
[Yale University] A database of genetic information, including genotypes and reference information for the strains in the CGSC collection, gene names, properties, linkage map, gene product information, and information on specific mutations.
[more info][12608]

2nd Window CyanoBase
[Kazusa DNA Research Institute] The genome database for Synechocystis sp. strain PCC6803.
[more info][12008]

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2nd Window dbEST: Expressed Sequence Tags database
[The National Center for Biotechnology Information] dbEST is a division of GenBank that contains sequence data and other information on “single-pass” cDNA sequences, or Expressed Sequence Tags, from a number of organisms.
[more info][12560]

2nd Window dbGSS
[National Center for Biotechnology Information] A public database of genome survey sequences including contact information about the contributors, experimental conditions, and genetic map locations.
[more info][10976]

2nd Window dbSTS
[National Center for Biotechnology Information] A public database that contains sequence and mapping data on short genomic landmark sequences or sequence tagged sites.
[more info][10977]

2nd Window DDBJ: DNA Data Bank of Japan
The international DNA database, which shares data with the NCBI and EBI DNA databases.
[more info][10978]

2nd Window Deinococcus radiodurans Genome Search
[TIGR] Users can view the predicted coding regions found within a span of the Deinococcus radiodurans chromosome.
[more info][12016]

2nd Window DNA vs Protein
[The Sanger Centre] Compares a protein sequence or a protein profile-HMM to genomic DNA. It uses the ‘GeneWise’ class of algorithms to provide a combined homology and gene prediction alignment of the protein to the DNA sequence.
[more info][10359]

2nd Window ECDC: E. coli Database Collection
[Univ. of Giessen] A site dedicated to the E. coli K-12 chromosome.
[more info][10981]

2nd Window EGAD: Expressed Gene Anatomy Database
[The Institute for Genomic Research] A collection of human transcript sequences from extracting and curating sequences from GenBank, creating a non-redundant set of human transcript (HT) sequences.
[more info][10982]

2nd Window EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database
[European Bioinformatics Institute] A database of DNA and RNA sequences collected from the scientific literature and patent applications and directly submitted from researchers and sequencing groups. Data are shared with the DDBJ and NCBI.
[more info][12625]

2nd Window Ensembl
[EMBL, EBI, Sanger Institute] (Human Genome Server) Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL – EBI and the Sanger Institute to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes.
[more info][14045]

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2nd Window Entrez
[National Center for Biotechnology Information] Performs a nucleotide sequence search retrieving molecular biology data and bibliographic citations from the NCBI’s integrated databases.
[more info][10392]

2nd Window FlyBase (Drosophila)
[Indiana Univ.] A database of the Drosophila genome.
[more info][10984]

2nd Window GDB: The Genome Database
[Johns Hopkins Univ.] A international collaboration on the Human Genome Project.
[more info][10985]

2nd Window GenBank
[National Center for Biotechnology Information] The major database in the US of DNA sequences compiled by scientists world-wide.
[more info][10986]

2nd Window Gene Map of the Human Genome
[National Center for Biotechnology Information] Chromosome maps of the human genome.
[more info][10988]

2nd Window GeneCards
[Weizmann Institute of Science ] GeneCards is a database of human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases. It offers concise information about the functions of all human genes that have an approved symbol, as well as selected others.
[more info][12368]

2nd Window GeneCensus Genome Comparisons
[Yale University] This site provides genome and phylogenetics related information, databases, and services for many classes of organisms, mainly microscopic.
[more info][12297]

2nd Window Genome Database (Saccharomyces)
[Stanford Univ.] A searchable database of the molecular biology and genetics of baker’s yeast.
[more info][11022]

2nd Window Genome Project (E. coli)
[University of Wisconsin – Madison] Contains the completed sequence of the E. coli K-12 genome and several of the phages. Currently in the process of analyzing the data acquired.
[more info][12610]

2nd Window Genome Project (Mycoplasma pneumoniae)
[Zentrum fur Molekulare Biologie der Universitat Heiderlberg] DNA sequence of the complete Mycoplasma pneumoniae genome.
[more info][11016]

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2nd Window Genome Sequencing Center Jena
[Institute of Molecular Biotechnology] The purpose of the Genome Sequencing Center is to further the knowledge of genomes, particularlythe human genome, through large scale sequencing and geneticanalysis. Data from human, mouse, Dictyostelium (amoeba), and bacterial genomes are available.
[more info][12389]

2nd Window GenomeAtlas
[CBS] This site provides DNA structural analysis of complete genomes and chromosomes.
[more info][10989]

2nd Window GENOTK
[GEN Research Institute & Human Genome Center] A human cDNA database achieved through a large-scale human cDNA analysis project containing sequence information and data concerning chromosomal localizations and expression patterns.
[more info][10991]

2nd Window GOBASE
[The Organelle Genome Database] A taxonomically broad organelle genome database that organizes and integrates diverse data related to organelles.
[more info][10992]

2nd Window HIDB: Haemophilus influenzae Rd Genome Database
[The Institute for Genomic Research] The latest sequence data and related annotation for the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome.
[more info][10995]

2nd Window HIV Sequence Database
[Los Alamos National Lab] This database currently contains nucleotide sequences that have appeared in the current and all previous annual editions of Human Retroviruses and AIDS in both GenBank and EMBL formats, as well as protein translations of the coding regions.
[more info][10998]

2nd Window HPV Sequence Database
[Los Alamos National Laboratory] The Human Papillomaviruses Database collects, curates, analyzes, and publishes genetic sequences of papillomaviruses and related cellular proteins.
[more info][10999]

2nd Window HuGeMap Database
[InfoBiogen] HuGeMap is a database that contains the genetic maps from G?n?thon and Cooperative Human Linkage Center, and the physical maps from CEPH/G?n?thon and the Whitehead Institute-MIT.
[more info][12015]

2nd Window Influenza Sequence Database
[Los Alamos National Laboratory] A curated database of nucleotide and amino acid sequences intended to provide an easy sequence deposit and retrieval capabilities to the analysis of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase sequences.
[more info][12627]

2nd Window Integrated X Chromosome Database
[Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics] Includes DNA classes, clones, genes, STS, EST, probes, cDNA, chromoband, and collections for X chromosome sequencing.
[more info][11003]

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2nd Window MaizeDB
[Univ. of Missouri-Columbia] Provides a public Internet gateway to the current knowledge of the maize genome and its expression.
[more info][11005]

2nd Window MGDB: Mycoplasma genitalium Genome Database
[TIGR] The first genome of a gram positive-like bacterium to be completed.
[more info][11009]

2nd Window MitBASE
[EMBL-EBI] Provides a?comprehensive and integrated DNA database on mitochondrial genes both from different organisms (humans, animals, plants and microbes) and from intraspecies variants and mutants.
[more info][11011]

2nd Window MITOMAP
[Center for Molecular Medicine, Emory Univ. School of Medicine] A human mitochondrial genome database.
[more info][11012]

2nd Window MJDB: Methanococcus jannaschii Genome Database
[The Institute for Genomic Research] The latest sequence data and related annotation for the genome.
[more info][11013]

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