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2nd Window Biochemistry Easy Search Tool
[Worthington Biochemical Corp.] This site offers searches for information and resources in bioinformatics and other biochemistry-related fields, including courses, tutorials, and K-12.
[more info][11902]

2nd Window Biochemistry in 3D
[Worth Publishers] “Biochemistry in 3D is a collection of interactive tutorials using 3D structures to teach concepts in Biochemistry. It is designed to accompany Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 3rd edition.”
[more info][12333]

2nd Window Biocomputing Tutorials
[EMBnet] This page is a list of different resources to be used for learning various biocomputing applications.
[more info][10063]

2nd Window Bioinformatics Undergraduate Faculty Tutorial
[Boston University] (1999) A tutorial for faculty to “Integrate Bioinformatics into Undergraduate Education and Research.” Given August, 1999.
[more info][11980]

2nd Window C40 Web Tutorial
[UCL] This tutorial is designed to provide an introduction to “global sequence and structure analysis facilities”.
[more info][10075]

2nd Window Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops
Offers workshops in the subjects of bioinformatics, genomics, proteomic, and “developing the tools.”
[more info][11983]

2nd Window Chime: How to Use It.
[University of Massachusetts] A tutorial explaining how to use the Chime molecular visualization browser plug-in.
[more info][12328]

2nd Window Computers in Chemistry
[Cabrillo College] A set of molecular visualization tutorials, information, and problem sets that use Chime.
[more info][12355]

2nd Window Construction of profiles for PROSITE
[ISREC] This is a guide on how to generateprofile entries for the PROSITE database.
[more info][12191]

2nd Window Crystallography 101
[Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory] This is an on-line introductory course by Bernhard Rupp (very rich in content).
[more info][11915]

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2nd Window Database Searching
[Oxford Univ. Bioinformatics Center] A tutorial discussing a number of programs that emphasize database searching.
[more info][10085]

2nd Window Distant Homologies
[The International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology] This is an introductory tutorial for biologists interested in weak protein sequence similarities which can not be found with simple database search.
[more info][11985]

2nd Window DNA and Protein Structure Tutorials
[Amherst College] This page links to several courses and tutorials in DNA and protein structure and binding.
[more info][11906]

2nd Window DNA Learning Center
[Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory] “The DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is he world’s first science center devoted entirely to public genetics education.”
[more info][11992]

2nd Window DNA Sequence Analysis and Comparison Tutorial
[DNALC] This tutorial references human mitochondrial DNA sequences and online resources to search for DNA like sequences in online databanks, locate DNA sequences in genomes, and other tasks.
[more info][10032]

2nd Window DNA-RNA Structure Tutorials
[Tulane] A collection of tutorials on DNA and RNA using Chime.
[more info][11911]

2nd Window Exploring 3D Molecules
[University of Massachusetts] This is a workshop titled “Exploring 3D molecular structure with computer visualization using MDLI’s Chemscape Chime & Protein Explorer,” given by Eric Martz.
[more info][12334]

2nd Window Gene Identification and Protein Functional Analysis
[HGMP-RC] This course takes students through techniques for analyzing nucleic acid sequences for coding regions and other features for identification.
[more info][10089]

2nd Window Genome Analyis: A Laboratory Manual, Chapter 7
[NCBI] A primer on genome analysis using internet based tools. This chapter is titled “Computational Analysis of DNA and Protein Sequences.”
[more info][10092]

2nd Window Genomics Workshop
[San Diego State University] The syllabus, exercises, and reader for a workshop in genomics given at San Diego State University,July 22 – July 25, 1997.
[more info][11979]

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2nd Window Gentle Guide to Multiple Alignment
[University of Bielefeld] A course covering various aspects of multiple alignment including approaches that try to reduce the number of steps needed to calculate the optimal solution.
[more info][10093]

2nd Window Guide to Structure Prediction
[Imperial Cancer Research Fund] An excellent guide, including slides, on many topics involved in protein structure prediction.
[more info][11978]

2nd Window A Guide to Structure Prediction
[Imperial Cancer Research Fund] A guide with links, giving a generalistic approach to prediction of protein structures.
[more info][10502]

2nd Window Human Genome Mapping Project Course Notes
[UK HGMP Resource Centre] Online notes associated with some of the training courses provided at the center.
[more info][11988]

2nd Window Installing NCBI’s BLAST2.x Executables
[NCBI] This is a quick guide to getting NCBI’s BLAST2.x installed on your system. BLAST2.x will run on Windows machines, but this document only refers to Unix installations.
[more info][12132]

2nd Window Introduction to Bioinformatics
[NCSA] An online introduction to bioinformatics, complete with lectures and lab exercises.
[more info][10097]

2nd Window Introduction to Human Genome Computing via the WWW
[Stein Laboratory] Covers how to use the Internet in human genome computing.
[more info][10099]

2nd Window Introductory PubMed Tutorial
[Univ. of Colorado, Boulder] A brief tutorial on the basic usage of PubMed to search for biomedical-related literature.
[more info][10120]

2nd Window MIME types for Chemistry
[University of Leeds] This site provides a step-by-step guide through a number of applications of Chemical MIME type on the Web.
[more info][12103]

2nd Window Molecular Biology Computing
[HGMP-RC] Online notes for a training course that takes novices through bioinformatics, providing people with an overview of what is out there, concepts and some common tasks.
[more info][10105]

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2nd Window Molecular Graphics Manifesto
[University of Southern Maine] (Gale Rhodes) A web article on why and how to make molecular graphics an essential skill for students in introductory biochemistry.
[more info][14044]

2nd Window Molecular Level
[University of Southern Maine] An outreach and consulting program that provides workshops and other training in molecular graphics.
[more info][11957]

2nd Window Multiple Alignment and Multiple Sequence Based Searches
[Washington University – St. Louis] This is a guide by Sean Eddy on the use of multiple alignment and profile search software to detect informative remote homologies.
[more info][11986]

2nd Window Online Macromolecular Museum
[California Lutheran College] The OMM is a site for the display and study of macromolecules. It’s “exhibits” are interactive tutorials on individual molecules in which hypertextual explanations of important biochemical features are linked to illustrative renderings of the molecule at hand.
[more info][11907]

2nd Window Pedestrian Guide to Analysing Sequence Databases
[Columbia University] Burkhard Rost and Reinhard Schneider’s guide to a variety of tools, an overview of the state-of-the art in sequenceanalysis, and descriptions of the principles of the methods.
[more info][11975]

2nd Window Plant Genome Databases – A Tutorial
[National Agriculture Library] Twelve interactive lessons take the user step-by-step through accessing common genomic databases using a Web browser.
[more info][13229]

2nd Window POV-Ray Tutorial
[Thinkquest] This is an online tutorial for POV-Ray, a high-quality, freely available ray-tracing software package that is available for PC, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms.
[more info][12317]

2nd Window Practical Course in Bioinformatics
[International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology] An online conference with tutorials in protein sequence analysis, computing resources, the Sequence Retrieval System and more.
[more info][10116]

2nd Window Presentations in Protein Explorer
[University of Massachusetts] Two tutorials on protein and virus structure and function using Protein Explorer.
[more info][12339]

2nd Window Protein Sidechain Webpage
[Fox Chase Cancer Center] This site links together several sites with information about protein sidechains. These sites contain information on sidechainconformational analysis, sidechain rotamer libraries, and sidechain conformation prediction.
[more info][12122]

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2nd Window The Representation of Molecular Models
[Univ. of Geneva] A site covering the basics of molecular modeling and image rendering techniques.
[more info][10121]

2nd Window Rubisco
[Birkbeck College – University of London] (1999) Uses Chime to explore the mechanism of “the world’s most abundant enzyme.”
[more info][11908]

2nd Window Secondary Structure Prediction Methods and Links
[Imperial Cancer Research Fund] A guide on this subject, including descriptions of automaticd methods, manual intervention, strategies, references, and links.
[more info][12283]

2nd Window Sequence Analysis with Distributed Resources
[Univ. of Bielefeld] An interactive online course that covers the history and resources on the WWW, BLAST, FASTA, pairwise and multiple alignment, PCR, and RNA structure.