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BE561 – Protein and DNA Sequence Analysis
[Boston Univ.] A site with slides and text for an introductory bioinformatics course.

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Biochem 508
[Univ. of Virginia] An online course covering the topics of computer analysis of DNA and protein sequences, and the algorithms used in the analysis.

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Biochem and Molecular Modeling Tutorials
[University of Southern Maine] (Gale Rhodes) Tutorials for molecular modeling techniques and resources for readers of “Crystallography Made Crystal Clear.” The site also contains materials for chemistry and biochemistry courses.

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Biochemistry Easy Search Tool
[Worthington Biochemical Corp.] This site offers searches for information and resources in bioinformatics and other biochemistry-related fields, including courses, tutorials, and K-12.

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[The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center] Many detailed PowerPoint presentations suitable for introductory upper division or graduate courses in bioinformatics. The presentations are organized for lecture or reference, with an index describing their use. The course materials emphasize bioinformatics applied to DNA and protein sequences and protein structures.

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Bio-informatics 447
[Yale Univ.] An online course in bio-informatics. Topics include sequence alignment, biological database design, geometric analysis of protein structure, and macromolecular simulation.

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BioInformatics 502
[Univ. of Kentucky] This course is intended to enable students to access and to analyze sequence data, structural data, and functional data with the help of computers.

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Bio-informatics and Computational Genomics
[The Weizmann Institute of Science] Online courses with topics including Programming for Bio-informatics, Bio-informatics and Computational Genomics, and Human Molecular Genetics.

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Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis Spring 2001
[New Mexico State University] Home page for the NMSU senior/graduate-level Bioinformatics course given in Spring 2001. Included are links used in the course, an outline, assignments, and some supplementary materials.

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Bioinformatics and Genomic Analysis
[University of Arizona] The Course Home Page for MCB 416/516.

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Bioinformatics Course
[University of Durham] The home page for this Bioinformatics course. It also contains information on useful links, primers, and other topics in Bioinformatics.

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Bioinformatics Courses
[Stanford University] The main page for several courses offered at Standford.

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Bioinformatics Courses and Seminars
[The Weizmann Institute] List of links to courses and tutorials on bioinformatics on the Internet.

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CMPS 243 – Bioinformatics I
[Univ. of California] A course covering the computational methods used to search for, analyze and model DNA, RNA, and protein sequences.

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Computational Biology
[Univ. of Washington] A course that covers strategies and algorithms used to analyze genetic sequences, phylogeny, and structure prediction.

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Computational Molecular Biology
[Stanford Univ.] A practical, hands on class for molecular biologists and computer scientists covering the major issues concerning representation and analysis of biological sequences and structure.�Some topics covered are: accessing molecular databases, pattern
search, classification of sequence and structure, alignment of sequences, rapid similarity searching, phylogenies, automated pattern learning, representing protein structure, modeling protein structure by homology, protein-protein docking and protein-ligand docking.

[more info][10083]

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Computational Molecular Biology
[Washington Univ. at St. Louis] Topics covered include sequence alignment algorithms, multiple sequence alignment, RNA structure prediction, motif and pattern searches, and phylogenetic inference.

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Courses on Bioinformatics
[Rockefeller Univ.] A site with a list of Bioinformatics courses that are available online.

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Degree Programs in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
[The International Society for Computational Biology ] The International Society for Computational Biology provides a listing of degree programs and unversity courses in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

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DNA and Protein Structure Tutorials
[Amherst College] This page links to several courses and tutorials in DNA and protein structure and binding.

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Fundamentals of Sequence Analysis
[CalTech] Home page for this course, consisting of lecture materials, problem sets, manuals, and related web pages.

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Genetic Data Environment
[Bioinformatics and Molecular Analysis Section – NIH] This is a manual and guide on how to use the Genetic Data Environment software, which is an expandable GUI for multiple sequence analysis.

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Genomics, Bioinformatics & Medicine
[Stanford University] Home page for this course, including topics, slides, and related web sites.

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Introduction to Bioinformatics
[The San Diego Supercomputer Center] This the home page for the BIMM 140 (lecture) and BIMM 141 (computer laboratory) basic bioinformatics courses.

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Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology
[MIT] Home page for this course, including lectures and handouts, all in postscript.

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Introduction to Computational Sequence Analysis
[Washington University, St. Louis] Home page for this course taught by Sean Eddy.

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ISCB – International Society for Computational Biology
[The International Society for Computational Biology] The society emphasizes computing and informatics in advancing molecular biology. ICSB provides information about meetings, tutorials, publications, training, other education, and employment.

[more info][11950]

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Macromolecular Visualization Lab
[University of Massachusetts] Eric Martz’s course in this topic. He’s the author of Protein Explorer, so he ought to know about this stuff.

[more info][12357]

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Molecular Systematics and Evolution of Microorganisms
[Natural History Museum, London and Instituto Oswaldo, Rio de Janiero] This course covers molecular evolution concepts and problems and methods of constructing alignments.

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[Univ. Minn.] The primary focus of this course is DNA and protein sequence databases as well as protein sequence analysis.

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Pharmacology 207
[Univ. of California, San Diego] An online course that utilizes internet resources to research properties of selected proteins.

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Practical Applications of Sequence Analysis
[University of Alabama – Birmingham] The home page for this course, including handouts, lectures, and assignments.

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Principles of Protein Structure
[Birkbeck College, University of London] The home page for this course. The course materials are password protected.

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Principles of Protein Structure Using the Internet
[Birkbeck College] A large set of course materials for this class in protein structure.

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Representations and Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology
[Stanford University] The home page for this course; including assignments, projects, lecture notes, suggested reading, and links.

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Topics in Bioinformatics
[Purdue Univ.] A computer science course, covering basic topics in Bioinformatics, including pattern matching algorithms and sequence alignment.

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University Courses in Computational Biology
A comprehensive listing of courses in Computational Biology.

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Using Computers in Molecular Biology
[NYU Medical Center] This site provides many lecture slides for this course.

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VSNS Biocomputing Division
[University of Bielefeld] Home page for links to various courses and tutorials.

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Web resources for bioinformatics
The site provides information on bioinformatics resources available over the Internet. Information includes,academic Bioinformatics programs and courses, centers, and tools.

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