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Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
[Wiley InterScience] Online content service delivering full text of over 300 leading scientific, technical, medical, and professional journals, major reference works, Current Protocols laboratory manuals, etc.

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Genetic Data Environment
[Bioinformatics and Molecular Analysis Section – NIH] This is a manual and guide on how to use the Genetic Data Environment software, which is an expandable GUI for multiple sequence analysis.

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Genome Analyis: A Laboratory Manual, Chapter 7
[NCBI] A primer on genome analysis using internet based tools. This chapter is titled “Computational Analysis of DNA and Protein Sequences.”

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Installing NCBI’s BLAST2.x Executables
[NCBI] This is a quick guide to getting NCBI’s BLAST2.x installed on your system. BLAST2.x will run on Windows machines, but this document only refers to Unix installations.

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Molecular Biology Tutorials
[Kenyon College] This site offers multiple molecular biology tutorials in DNA function, gene regulation, cell physiology, and biochemistry. A Chime plug-in is required to view these tutorials.

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Unofficial Guide to GCG Software
[AGRENET] While not an official manual, in the sense that it was not prepared by GCG, AGRENET’s guide is an excellent resource for this software.

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