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[GenomeWeb LLC] A global bioinformatics news service.

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Bioinformatics News
[CSI] Contains links to bioinformatics news, events, activities, and tools for research.

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[EMBL] A quarterly newsletter focusing on bioinformatics research, developments, and services at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and other institutions.

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CCP11 Newsletter
[Collaborative Computational Project 11] A newsletter that provides research and general articles on bioinformatics and related disciplines by workers in the field.

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[Celera] Celera Corporations scientific home page that provides Celera and related biotechnology news and password access to the Celera Discovery System of genomic databases and analysis tools.

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Cornell News: Computer-generated comparative gene maps
[Cornell university] December 12, 2000 Cornell News article on computer-generated comparative maps developed at Cornell promise to speed up slow
process of comparing genomes.

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[European Molecular Biology] EMBnet published quarterly newsletter dealing with current issues in bioinformatics.

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[Genetic Engineering News] A publication that covers industrial news in biotechnology, biopharma, agriculture, chemistry, enzymes, biomedicine, and the environment. The web site contains tables of content for current and back issues with briefs and information on receiving a free subscription to the full print version.

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Genomics Today
[PhRMA] Provides a collection of news stories dealing with genomics.

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Human Genome News
[U.S. DOE Human Genome Program] All 45 published issues of this newsletter containing information from the Human Genome Project.

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Latest PDB News
[Protein Data Bank] The latest news from the Protein Data Bank that is updated weekly.

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[] A news service that provides a centralized location for the dissemination of molecular biology and bioinformatics information.

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[The National Center for Biotechnology Information] This newsletter is intended to inform the biology community of NCBI’s research activities, new products, and availability of database and software services.

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[Human Genome Project Information] Information about current events/status of the Human Genome Project.

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The Open Lab
[] Contains news items about the field of bioinformatics.

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PDB Newsletter
[Protein Data Bank] A quarterly newsletter providing current information on the various activities occurring at the Protein Data Bank.

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[USDA Plant Genome Research Program] A newsletter focusing on plant genomics.

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stke: Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
[Science journal, Stanford University library] Web resource for biological (cellular) signal transduction, emphasizing articles, news, meetings, and links.

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