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AgBioForum publishes articles that enhance the on-going dialogue on the economics and management of
agricultural biotechnology. The purpose of AgBioForum is to provide unbiased, timely information and new ideas leading to socially responsible and economically efficient decisions in science, public policy, and private strategies pertaining to agricultural biotechnology.

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[New Mexico State University] The Biotechnology ABreviation and ACronym Uncovering Service is a searchable database of abbreviations and acronyms in Biotechnology that contains terms in such categories as: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Computers and Internet, Diseases, Grants, Journals, Laboratories, Medicine, Molecular Biology/Genetics, Neuroscience, Other Organizations, Professional Societies, and US Government.

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[Oxford Journals] “The journal aims to publish high quality, peer-reviewed, original scientific papers and excellent review articles in the fields of computational molecular biology,
biological databases and genome bioinformatics.”

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Bioinformatics: Information Technology & Systems
[BITS Journal] The BITS Journal covers topics in the bioinformatics industry including �a combination of Computer Science, Information Technology, and Genetics to determine and analyze genetic information.�

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[Oxford Journals] “Biometrika is primarily a journal of statistics in which emphasis is placed on papers containing original theoretical contributions of direct or potential value in applications.”

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Biophysical Journal
[Biophysical Society] “Biophysical Journal publishes original articles, letters and reviews on biophysical topics, emphasizing the molecular and cellular aspects of biology.”

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[Eaton Publishing] An online journal with complimentary subscriptions provided to individuals engaged in laboratory bioresearch in the United States. Paid subscriptions are available for organizations and non-scientific individuals.

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Briefings in Bioinformatics
[Henry Stewart Publications] There is little doubt that bioinformatics is now an essential part of the research environment, with a wealth of biological information to digest and analyse. Yet
bioinformatics is often regarded as a difficult discipline,
practised only by computer scientists and statisticians and
not a practical tool available to all biologists. Briefings in
Bioinformatics is unique in providing practical help and
guidance to the non-specialist.

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Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
[Wiley InterScience] Online content service delivering full text of over 300 leading scientific, technical, medical, and professional journals, major reference works, Current Protocols laboratory manuals, etc.

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Genetic Engineering News
[Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.] (GEN) GEN is the leading and most widely read and largest circulated publication in the biotechnology field worldwide. Topics covered include industrial biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, enzyme, and environmental markets from applied research through commercialization.

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Genome Research
[Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press] “The journal focuses on genome studies in all species, and presents research that provides or aids in genome-based analyses of biological processes. The journal
represents a nexus point where genomic information, applications, and technology come together with biological information to create a more global understanding of all biological systems.”

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[Academic Press] The goal of the journal Genomics is the promotion of all facets of human and mouse genetic analysis. The scope of the journal is broad,
and studies of other species that provide important insights into gene function in human and mouse will be considered, especially papers that represent significant advances in our understanding of how genes function in normal and/or disease states. Papers in the areas of functional genomics, identification of
genes involved in disease and complex traits, novel gene discovery, higher order genome organization, chromosome struc-
ture, and functional genetic bases for human diversity are suitable.

[more info][13656]

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Journal of Computational Biology
[Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.] The Journal of Computational Biology is a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for the communication of technical issues associated with the analysis, management, and visualization of cellular information at the molecular level. Includes papers on genomics, mathematical modeling and simulation, distributed and parallel biological computing, designing biological databases, pattern matching and pattern detection, linking disparate databases and data, new tools for computational biology, relational and object-oriented database technology for bioinformatics, biological expert system design and use, reasoning by analogy, hypothesis formation and testing by machine, and management of biological databases.

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Journal of Molecular Biology
[Academic Press] “The Journal of Molecular Biology publishes original scientific research concerning studies of organisms or their components at the molecular level. Published weekly, the journal provides up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of molecular biology.”

[more info][11938]

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Journal of Theoretical Biology
[Academic Press] “The Journal of Theoretical Biology is the leading forum for theoretical papers that give insight into biological processes. It covers a very wide range of topics and is of interest to biologists in many areas of research. ”

[more info][11939]

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Nucleic Acids Research
[Oxford Journals] (NAR) “Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) publishes the results of leading edge research into physical, chemical, biochemical and biological aspects of nucleic acids and proteins involved in nucleic acid metabolism and/or interactions.”

[more info][11941]

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OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology
[Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers] This newly expanded journal covers genomics (the quantitative study of genes, regulatory and noncoding sequences), transcriptomics (RNA and gene expression), proteomics (protein expression), and metabolomics (metabolites and metabolic networks). The Journal will explore advances in the era of post-genomic biology and medicine, including pharmacogenomics (the quantitative study on how genetics affects hosts’ responses to drugs), and physiomics (physiological dynamics and functions of whole organisms).

[more info][10595]

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OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology
[Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.] (Formerly known as Microbial & Comparative Genomics.) This newly expanded journal covers genomics (the quantitative study of genes, regulatory and noncoding sequences), transcriptomics (RNA and gene expression), proteomics (protein expression), and metabolomics (metabolites and metabolic networks). The Journal will explore advances in the era of post-genomic biology and medicine, including pharmacogenomics (the quantitative study on how genetics affects hosts’ responses to drugs), and physiomics (physiological dynamics and functions of whole organisms).Integrative, quantitative, experimental, and computational approaches will bring new knowledge, novel methods, and innovative technologies to engender a better understanding of complex biological systems and processes.

[more info][11940]

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Online Journal of Bioinformatics
The Online Journal of Bioinformatics (OJB) founded in 1996, currently has 13 editorial members qualified in computational biology, biology, informatics and/or computer science. Submissions are reviewed by 3 editors or persons commissioned from another institution. The site consists of links to abstracts and full-text articles (subscribers). Published articles are permanently available, archived and/or updated.

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Online Journals
[University of Texas – Galveston] A compilation of on-line journals covering all areas of biological sciences.

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OrienTM algorithm
[Protein Engineering Journal] A novel tool for the prediction of transmembrane
protein topology based on a statistical analysis of the SwissProt database:
the OrienTM algorithm

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Oxford Journals TOC E-Mail Service
Oxford Journals Table of Contents E-Mailing Service allows users to subscribe to receive via e-mail the latest table of contents for any Oxford Journal.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
[National Academy of Sciences] (PNAS) PNAS is one of the world’s most-cited multidisciplinary scientific serials. It publishes research reports, commentaries, reviews, perspectives, colloquium papers, and actions of the Academy.

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Protein Engineering
[Oxford Journals] “Protein Engineering publishes full-length original research papers which advance understanding of the structural and biochemical basis of protein function. In addition to full-length papers, the journal also publishes review articles, commentaries and protocols.

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Protein Science
[The Protein Society] “Protein Science serves as an international forum for publishing original reports on proteins in the broadest sense. The Journal aims to unify this field by cutting across established disciplinary lines and focusing on “protein-centered” science. Protein Science encompases the structure, function, and biochemical significance of proteins; their role in molecular and cell biology, genetics, and evolution; and their regulation and mechanisms of action.”

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Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics
[Wiley-Liss, Inc.] “PROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Genetics publishes original reports of significant experimental and analytic research in all areas of protein research: structure,
function, computation, genetics, and design.”

[more info][11946]

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Science Magazine
[AAAS] Science is the world’s largest general scientific publication. It provides the most important news of the week in science and in science policy and a selection of scientific papers reporting the most significant breakthroughs in global research.

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