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Bio Databases
[Hellenic Association of Dermatology] A compilation of links to databases for biology, genetics, and microbiology.

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[Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory] DataFoundry is an ongoing research effort to improve scientists’ interactions with large data sets. Because this is a broad goal, the project focus evolves with the needs of the scientists using DataFoundry.

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[Genome Net Japan] DBGET is a simple database retrieval system for finding and obtaining specific entries of diverse databases. LinkDB is a database of links or what we call “binary relations,” where links are in the following categories: factual, similarity, or biological.

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EBI ftp Server
The EBI ftp server provides a comprehensive archive of databases and software in the field of

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[National Center for Biotechnology Information] Provides a General search for nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, biomolecule 3D structures, genomes, taxonomy or literature.

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GeneCensus Genome Comparisons
[Yale University] This site provides genome and phylogenetics related information, databases, and services for many classes of organisms, mainly microscopic.

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Genetics and Genomics Associations
[BioMedWorld] Numerous links to associations, organizations, institutes, databases, and information portals in the field of genetics and genomics.

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GenomeNet WWW server
[Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University] A Japanese network of database and computational services for genome research and related research areas in molecular and cellular biology.

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GPCRDB: Information system for G protein-coupled receptors
Contains primary and secondary data as well as useful tools for G protein-coupled receptors.

[more info][14076]

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The Institute for Genome Research
[TIGR] The Institute for Genomic Research is a non-profit research institute with interests in structural, functional, and comparative analyses of genomes and gene products in viruses, eubacteria, pathogenic bacteria, archaea, and both plant and animal eukaryotes, including humans.

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[Munich Information Centre for Protein Sequences] A multi-database information retrieval program specifically designed to access macromolecular sequence databases.

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Provides FTP access to NCBI tools and databases, including BLAST, Cn3D, Sequin, the NCBI Toolbox, BLAST databases, GenBank, and many collections of contributed molecular biology data.

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Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 27, Issue 1
This is a special database issue (January 1, 1999) with articles devoted to descibing numerous sequence, genomic, and other biotechnology-related databases.

[more info][12432]

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Oligonucleotide Probe Database
[University of Illinois] (OPD) A hyperlinked database of oligonucleotide sequences and associated experimental information which may be useful to scientists interested in using oligonucleotide probes in their research.

[more info][11018]

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The Sanger Centre
The Sanger Centre is a genome research centre founded to further the knowledge of genomes, particularly through large scale sequencing and analysis.

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ScanProsite tool
[ExPASy] Allows the user to browse through a number of databases, such as SWISS-PROT, PROSITE, SWISS-2DPAGE, SWISS-3DIMAGE, ENZYME, CD40Lbase, and SeqAnalRef; as well as other cross-referenced databases (EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ, OMIM, Medline, FlyBase, ProDom, SGD, and SubtiList). It also allows access to many analytical tools for the identification of proteins, the analysis of their sequences, and the prediction of their tertiary structures.

[more info][10486]

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SRS: Sequence Retrieval System
[European Bioinformatics Institute] A network browser for databanks in molecular biology. Searches sequence libraries too numerous to list here.

[more info][10372]

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The TAMBIS Project
[University of Manchester, UK] (under development) TAMBIS aims to aid researchers in biological science by providing a single access point for biological information sources round the world. The access point will be a single interface that acts as a single information source. It will find appropriate sources of information for user queries and phrase the user questions for each source, returning the results in a consistent manner which will include details of the information source.

[more info][12433]

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[University of Manitoba] A collection of tools designed enable the user to identify, extract, and manipulate data from major databases such as GenBank, EMBL and PIR.

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