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GenomeNet WWW server
[Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University] A Japanese network of database and computational services for genome research and related research areas in molecular and cellular biology.

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Links to Pathway and Other Databases
[GenomeNet] A comprehensive list of links to biological and biochemical databases. The types of databases include: metabolic pathways; enzymes, compounds, and elements; regulatory pathways; protein-protein interactions; nomenclature and classification; taxonomy; and complete genomes and analysis.

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Multi-cut is a database of restriction endonuclease buffers. It finds compatible buffers for a list of enzymes that you want to use in a
multiple restriction endonuclease digest. Multi-Cut searches through activity data from the catalogs of several major restriction
endonuclease manufacturers and finds buffers that will work with all of the endonucleases in the reaction.

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The rRNA WWW Server
[Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium] Links to the LSU rRNA Database (aligned sequences from the large subunit rRNA); the SSU rRNA Database (aligned sequences from the small subunit rRNA); DCSE (multiple sequence alignment editor) Home Page; TREECON (tree construction); and TRAFOR (format conversion).

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Web-Based Bioinformatics Databases
[Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications] The purpose of this project is to create two databases that can evaluate structures and interactions of macromolecules. The first database characterizes the recognition by one molecule of a reaction site to another and the second database involves the effort of the macromolecular structure data bank.

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