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[Biotechnology Information Institute] This site offers access to databases concerning biopharmaceutical products and companies in the U.S. marketplace.

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Hetero-compound Information Centre
[Uppsala University] This site contains information about hetero-compounds (small molecules) encountered in files from the
Protein Data Bank. The HIC-Up database contains output from the program HETZE which attempts to check the quality of
hetero-compounds, and a list of other hetero-compounds which are either identical to the present compound
or a superstructure of it.

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NCI Drug Information System 3D Database
[National Cancer Institute] The NCI DIS 3D database is a collection of 3D structures for over 400,000 drugs. This information can be searched to find drugs that share similar patterns of connections and pharmacophores.

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RxList: Internet Drug Index
[] The RxList Database consists primarily of products currently on the US market or close to approval. The Top 200 Prescriptions (1995, 1996) was recently added with hypertext links to generic prescribing information. Keyword searches of all RxList monographs lists potential drug interactions, side effects, indications, etc.

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WISARD: Web-based Interpretative System for Antibiotic Data
[WARN Development] A tool for data collection, comprehensive data analysis, and for comparison of trends in two different countries, hospitals, or wards for antibiotic resistance.

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