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[USDA/ARS] A developing database of the alfalfa genome.

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[Harvard University] A list of Arabidopsis informatics and stock centers, maps and genetic links, and physical maps with graphics.

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Arabiodopsis Information Resource
[NCGR and the Carnegie Institution] TAIR provides literature and genomic data about the plant Arabidopsis thaliana .

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ARS Genome Database Resource
[USDA-ARS Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics, Cornell University ] A site with plant genome databases and information. Included are plant genes, chromosome maps, DNA fingerprints, beneficial traits, and crop varities that possess query traits.

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BeanGenes-A Phaseolus/Vigna sp. Database
[USDA/ARS] A plant genome database that contains information for these two species. This page is not a server, but explains how to access the database.

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[Univ. of Missouri-Columbia] Provides a public Internet gateway to the current knowledge of the maize genome and its expression.

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Plant Genome Databases – A Tutorial
[National Agriculture Library] Twelve interactive lessons take the user step-by-step through accessing common genomic databases using a Web browser.

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[Cornell and Iowa State University] This database contains genomic and metabolic information for soybeans.

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U.S. Poultry Genome Project
[Michigan State University] A database of the chicken genome, related information, and resources.

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