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2nd Window Analytical Biostatistics Section
[NIH] The ABS offers downloadable software and servers in the areas of sequence analysis, protein structure prediction, ligand binding, and gene expression.
[more info][12372]

2nd Window ARS Genome Database Resource
[USDA-ARS Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics, Cornell University ] A site with plant genome databases and information. Included are plant genes, chromosome maps, DNA fingerprints, beneficial traits, and crop varities that possess query traits.
[more info][10967]

2nd Window Art’s Biotechnology Resource
This is a well-organized site of annotated links in the areas of molecular biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, and biophysics.
[more info][12371]

2nd Window Bio Netbook
[Institut Pasteur] This search engine provides several features for searches including Boolean operators, specific phrases, language settings, case sensitivity, and the amount of detail to display in the descriptions of the retrieved information.
[more info][12889]

2nd Window The Biochemist’s Toolbox
A large compendium of links to databases of many kinds, sequence analysis programs, journals, software, and more.
[more info][12425]

2nd Window BioInformatics Centre
[National University of Singapore] A comprehensive site providing information and multiple bioinformatic related analysis tools in areas such as phylogenetics, lab management, and metabolic pathway visualization.
[more info][11958]

2nd Window Bioinformatics Resources for Easy Access
This is a searchable site of annotated links to many resources in Bioinformatics.
[more info][12423]

2nd Window BioMolecules in the Classroom
[University of Massachusetts] Information and tutorials on how to use RasMol and Chime, and tutorials that use RasMol and Chime to teach biomolecules.
[more info][12331]

2nd Window CeleraScience
[Celera] Celera Corporations scientific home page that provides Celera and related biotechnology news and password access to the Celera Discovery System of genomic databases and analysis tools.
[more info][12068]

2nd Window Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics
[Univ. of Nijmegen] Information on multiple bioinformatics related services, research, and program courses at this center.
[more info][12611]

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2nd Window Chime – Great Sites
[MDL] A chemical structure visualization plug-in for Windows and Macintosh.
[more info][12037]

2nd Window CMS Molecular Biology Resource
[Univ. of California] “A compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Evolution, Biochemistry, and Biomolecular Modeling.”
[more info][11258]

2nd Window CMS Molecular Biology Resource
[San Diego Supercomputer Center] A compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Evolution, Biochemistry, and Biomolecular Moldeling.
[more info][14030]

2nd Window Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory
[University of Pennsylvania] Multiple bioinformatics related tools and databases. The site also includes information about related degree programs and UPenn.
[more info][12053]

2nd Window Computational Biology and its Research Areas
Information about computational biology.
[more info][12881]

2nd Window Computers in Chemistry
[Cabrillo College] A set of molecular visualization tutorials, information, and problem sets that use Chime.
[more info][12355]

2nd Window CUBIC: Columbia University Bioinformatics Center
CUBIC contains a wealth of services, databases, articles and their data sets, and annotated bioinformatics links. It is the current home of PredictProtein and other services for protein analysis.
[more info][11956]

2nd Window The DEAMBULUM
A well-organized, highly navigable site with numerous annotated links in the areas of databases (including the human genome), sequence analysis, and documentation.
[more info][12419]

2nd Window DOE’s Joint Genome Institute
[U.S. DOE and University of California] The JGI is one of the centers involved in the international effort to fully sequence the human genome. It is sequencing chromosomes 5, 16 and 19. JGI is also involved in other projects such as microbial, comparative, computational, and functional genomics.
[more info][12070]

2nd Window EGP-Related Research in Biostatistics/Bioinformatics
[Environmental Genome Project] This project develops computational ways to analyze gene-environment interactions and databases for macromolecular cellular components.
[more info][12459]

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2nd Window
[European Molecular Biology Network – Swiss Node] This site provides DNA and protein sequence analysis tools, sequence alignment tools, and other bioinformatics tools. It also provides numerous links to related information, courses, universities, and documentation.
[more info][12089]

2nd Window ExPASy
[Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics] The EXPASy “server is dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences and structures as well as 2-D PAGE.” This site contains links to databases, tools and software packages, education and services, documentation, lists of links to molecular biology resources, links to major molecular biology servers, and local links.
[more info][12493]

2nd Window Gene Browser
[Nature Technology Corporation] A comprehensive site with links to information and resources in biotechnology and bioinformatics. The large number of resource categories include academic sites, conferences, employment, genomics, proteins, grants & contracts, intellectual property, methods & protocols, software, and venture capital.
[more info][12522]

2nd Window Gene Finding Programs
[University of Tokyo] A list of Gene Finding programs.
[more info][12039]

2nd Window Genome Centers
[Incogen] “The following is a list of genome centers throughout the world working on a variety of organisms in the areas of BAC Resource, DNA sequencing, Physical Mapping, andBioinformatics.”
[more info][11997]

2nd Window Genomics Glossary
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] “Genomics knowledge and insights are expanding exponentially.Genomics Glossaries help you keep abreast of evolving and interdisciplinary vocabulary.” This site has a large number of glossaries ranging from introductory to advanced in genomics and related areas.
[more info][13840]

2nd Window Genomics Links
[Incogen] A list of links to sites in the following catagories: databases, DNA analysis, protein analysis, sequencing projects, mapping and linkage, genome centers, culture collections, companies, biological resources and information, and FAQS.
[more info][10033]

2nd Window Human Genome Project Information
[U.S. DOE] Explore this site for information about the U.S. and worldwide Human Genome Project.
[more info][12066]

2nd Window Human Genome Research
[U.S. Department of Energy] The DOE web site for the Human Genome Project. It contains information on the HGP, funded projects, publications, molecular genetics primers, and links to other resources.
[more info][12524]

2nd Window Human Genome Sequencing Center
[Baylor College of Medicine] One of the six major sequencing centers in the U.S. involved in the Human Genome Project. The center is also involved in sequencing other organisms and maintains the BCM Search Launcher.
[more info][12069]

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2nd Window Institute of Molecular Biotechnology Jena
A major European biotechnology research center with groups doing research in biochemistry, molecular biology, biocomputing, genome analysis, structural and evolutionary biology, and molecular biophysics.
[more info][12388]

2nd Window Internet Resources-Genetics and Molecular Biology
[Rochefeller University] Alphabetized links to genetics and molecular biology resources.
[more info][12526]

2nd Window LabVelocity
A comprehensive site with a compilation of information and tools for the biological scientist and laboratory. The site sections include products, protocols, tools & tables, literature, news, and a lab manager tool for managing personalized data.
[more info][10242]

2nd Window Links to Pathway and Other Databases
[GenomeNet] A comprehensive list of links to biological and biochemical databases. The types of databases include: metabolic pathways; enzymes, compounds, and elements; regulatory pathways; protein-protein interactions; nomenclature and classification; taxonomy; and complete genomes and analysis.
[more info][12086]

2nd Window Links to Pathway Databases
[Kyoto University] A list of links to databases of pathways of reactions & compounds in living cells.
[more info][12087]

2nd Window Metabolism & Biocompounds Resources
[University of Nebraska, Lincoln] Links to metabolism, metabolic pathway and biocompound databases and information