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Aneda, formerly Edinburgh Biocomputing Systems, develops software tools for biologists including the MPSRCH(tm) suite of Smith-Waterman sequence analysis programs which run on general purpose hardware at BLAST-like speeds.

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Applied Biosystems Informatics
Provides integrated information management solutions for the life sciences in the areas of laboratory management, genetic data collection and management, and data integration and analysis.

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[Amita Corporation] Specializes in database development, to-Oracle conversion, web development, web portals, data mining, project management, and database maintenance.

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Computer based biological research via the internet. Bionatigator is a virtual bioinformatics workspace that puts a comprehensive range of internet-delivered research tools into the
hands of biologists. You control your data, your analyses and your
output, in real time and reproducibly. Running programs on BioNavigator is fee based.

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Formed to usher in the digital age of medical science through the development, analysis, and interpretation of genomic, proteomic, and related biological and medical information.

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DoubleTwist is an integrated genomics portal that provides secure and comprehensive technology platforms to simplify and accelerate life science discovery. Research agents provide bioinformatics capabilities and access to a wealth of data sources, including those from DoubleTwist.

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eBioscience provides premium quality tools for mouse and human
and cytokine research.

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eXcelon Corp.
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GemStone Systems, Inc.
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Genetics Computer Group
GCG serves molecular biologists
by building practical tools that implement the most important
techniques of mathematical biology. GCG’s flagship product, the Wisconsin Package, is the “industry
standard” for sequence analysis, containing over 130 interrelated software programs to analyze nucleic acid and protein sequences.

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InforMax is a global leader in the development of bioinformatics software for genomic research and accelerated drug discovery. Products include GenoMax and Vector NTI Suite.

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Institute of Computational Genomics
INCOGEN focuses on computational solutions to the complex challenges faced by researchers in plant and animal genomics. The Institute provides software products and services to the genomics research

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LabBook Inc.
LabBook provides XML-aware software and Internet solutions for drug discovery and life
sciences research, including information management tools and technologies that facilitate
data exchange.

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Neomorphic’s primary goal is to utilize computational genomics to provide critical insight into the human genome. The company’s focus is on the identification of genes that are likely to be effective drug targets. Research and development efforts are centered on automating the processes of gene identification, annotation, and analysis.

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Objectivity, Inc.
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Oracle Corporation
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Pharmaceutical Online Storefronts
The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center (SWBIC) provides a single-point access to a vast store of widely distributed
biotechnology information as well as developing new educational and bioinformatics services.

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Structural Bioinformatics Inc.
This company “has developed the only 3-D structure-based bioinformatics operating system making possible the immediate and practical integrated use of large-scale sequence data, and large-scale molecular diversity … in a broad range of structure-based drug discovery and design processes.”

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Sybase, Inc.
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