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Analytical Biostatistics Section
[NIH] The ABS offers downloadable software and servers in the areas of sequence analysis, protein structure prediction, ligand binding, and gene expression.

[more info][12372]

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Aneda, formerly Edinburgh Biocomputing Systems, develops software tools for biologists including the MPSRCH(tm) suite of Smith-Waterman sequence analysis programs which run on general purpose hardware at BLAST-like speeds.

[more info][13763]

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[Glyko] Protein gel image acquisition, documentation, and analysis.

[more info][11237]

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[EMBL] The Biocatalog is a software directory of general interest
in molecular biology and genetics. The full database is downloadable (text file).

[more info][12399]

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Biocompare, The Consumer Guide for the Life Scientist, offers information such as technical specs, prices, and peer reviews of life science products and services (including Bioinformatics). Biocompare also offers information
about the latest technologies in the life science community and provides scientists with a list of companies that offer discounts for setting up new laboratories.

[more info][10137]

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BioInformatics and Molecular Analysis Section
[NIH] BIMAS offers many bioinformatics tools, including DNA sequence analysis, a mirror of GeneCards, genetic linkage analysis, and more. A catalog of linkage analysis software is also provided.

[more info][12381]

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CBIL bioWidgets for Java
[University of Pennsylvania] The bioWidgets toolkit is a collection of Java Beans ™ used for development of graphics applications and/or applets in the
genomics domain.

[more info][12405]

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Computational Services at EMBL
[EMBL] Ties together sequence search and retrieval, alignment, data submission, comparison and prediction into one site. Also available are tools for structure verification and related software.

[more info][12520]

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EBI ftp Server
The EBI ftp server provides a comprehensive archive of databases and software in the field of

[more info][12395]

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[MIT] A software package that allows the very rapid extraction of complete multipoint inheritance information from pedigrees of moderate size. This information is then used in exact computation of multipoint LOD scores and in a new method of non-parametric linkage analysis.

[more info][11162]

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Genetics Software Archive
[Indiana State Univ.] Annotated links to downloadable genetics and molecular biology software for the PC.

[more info][12401]

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JamBW 1.1: Java Based Molecular Biologist’s Workbench
[EMBL] A collection of programs designed to exploit the most common bioinformatic operations that a molecular biologist currently has, including manipulation and analysis of DNA sequences.

[more info][11167]

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Links to molbio software
[Erasmus University] Annotated links to downloadable molecular biology software.

[more info][12402]

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Contains numerous, annotated links to Linux software for chemistry. Also included is whether the software is free, shareware, or commercial.

[more info][10349]

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Molecular Biology Software
[Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto] Perl source code programs for DNA sequence analysis and other bioinformatics related applications.

[more info][11155]

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Provides FTP access to NCBI tools and databases, including BLAST, Cn3D, Sequin, the NCBI Toolbox, BLAST databases, GenBank, and many collections of contributed molecular biology data.

[more info][12393]

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Phylogeny Programs
[University of Washington] A list of over 100 phylogeny software packages.

[more info][11375]

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Programs for biosequence analysis
This page contains example implementations in Java of some algorithms for pairwise alignment (including the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm), hidden Markov models (HMMs), and phylogenetic trees. Some are available as Java applets you can run from this page.

[more info][10370]

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Protein Modelling Software
[National University of Singapore] Well-annotated links to software for protein modelling programs and their online manuals.

[more info][12311]

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Software Tools
[TIGR] A list of links to very useful molecular biology and bioinformatics-related freeware. The list includes programs for DNA sequencing and sequence analysis, genomic searches, and microarray image processing.

[more info][12051]

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[The Barton Group] A suite of programs for the comparison and alignment of protein three dimensional structures. The suite will multiply align structures and produce a corresponding sequence alignment with confidence values associated with each aligned position.

[more info][11231]