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Transmembrane Prediction

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OrienTM algorithm
[Protein Engineering Journal] A novel tool for the prediction of transmembrane
protein topology based on a statistical analysis of the SwissProt database:
the OrienTM algorithm

[more info][12604]

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[Brunel University] “The PSIPRED protein structure prediction server allows you to submit a protein sequence, perform a prediction of your choice, and receive the results of the prediction via E-mail. You may select one of three prediction methods to apply to your sequence: PSIPRED – a highly accurate secondary structure prediction method, MEMSAT 2 – a new version of our widely used transmembrane topology prediction method, and GenTHREADER – a new sequence profile based fold recognition method.”

[more info][12282]

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[Tokyo University] A tool for secondary structure prediction of membrane proteins from a protein sequence.

[more info][10516]

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[Karolinska Institutet] Tool for prediction of transmembrane segments in proteins.

[more info][10517]

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TMHMM v.1.0
[CBS] Predicts transmembrane helices in proteins.

[more info][10518]

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[ISREC] Predicts transmembrane regions and orientation using a combination of several weight-matrices.

[more info][10519]