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[Institute of Physical and Chemical Research] “3DInSight is an integrated database and search tool for structure, property, and function of biomolecules, which will help
researchers to get insight into their relationship.”

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Culling the PDB
[Fox Chase Cancer Center] This tools allows the user to either download a list of protein chains from the PDB that have been compiled for various parameter sets (resolution, sequence identity, etc.), or to have a list compiled based on user defined parameter sets.

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The Live Bench Project is a continuous
benchmarking program. Every week new Protein Data Bank (PDB)
proteins are submitted to all participating
fold recognition servers. The results are
collected and evaluated using automated model
assessment programs.

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Metalloprotein Database and Browser
[Scripps Reasearch Institute] TSRI’s Metalloprotein site Database and Browser (MDB), is a database that aims to contain quantitative
information on all the metal containing sites available from structures in the PDB distribution, as well as from
in-house (TSRI) structures.

[more info][13791]

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Molecules R US
[NIH] A WWW Forms interface which facilitates access (browsing, searching and retrieval) to the molecular structure data contained within the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank (PDB).

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[Weizmann Institute of Science] MutaProt compares PDB files which differ by point mutations. It provides: a full list of file-pairs which differ by one, or two, amino acids; amino acid neighbors, and atomic contacts, of the mutated residue(s) (based on CSU software); 3D visualization of the mutated region(s) using CHIME; information and definitions page.

[more info][13893]

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[Weizmann Institute] OCA� is a browser/database for retrieving rich content annotation on structure and function for proteins found in the Protein Data Bank.

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PDB at a Glance
[National Institutes of Health] PDB At A Glance consists of a set of pre-defined biochemically meaningful search contexts (accessed by keyword) that represent the entire territory of the database.

[more info][12670]

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PDB-ISL Server
The PDB-ISL (PDBintermediate Sequence Library) is a sensitive and fast search procedure. It is useful for finding sequences in the PDB
protein structure database that are homologous to a sequence of unknown structure. PSI-BLAST, Smith Waterman, and FASTA searches are provided.

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[University College London] This service provides summaries and structural analyses of PDB data files.

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Protein Data Bank 3DB Browser
[PDB] Allows the user to rapidly search through the contents of the entire PDB Archive entries for obeying certain constraints.

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Protein Topology Home Page
[EBI] This site offers services devoted to protein structural topology and protein topology cartoons.

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Proteins Plus Search
[Nucleic Acid Database Project] A search engine for locating protein structures contained in the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

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[Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge] The purpose of this server is to provide structural (and hence implied functional) assignments to protein sequences at the Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP)
superfamily level. SCOP provides a classification of all proteins in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Whole genome assignment results are also provided.

[more info][14065]

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[San Diego Supercomputing Center] “The PDB through Microsoft Windows, or WPDB for short, is a Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows95, and Windows NT (client and server) based program to interrogate the 3-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules as found in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) using query and display tools like those shown above. ”

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