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2nd Window 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology
[ISMB] (Edmonton, Canada) August 3-7, 2002. The ISMB 2002 Conference provides a general forum for disseminating the latest developments in bioinformatics. It is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together scientists from molecular biology, medicine, computer science, mathematics and statistics. Its scope includes the development and application of advanced computational methods for biological problems at the levels of sequences, cells, organs, and organisms.
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2nd Window 2nd ASM & TIGR Conference on Microbial Genomes.
[ASM & TIGR] (Las Vegas, Nevada) February 10-13, 2002. This conference will continue the successful collaboration of ASM and TIGR on the first ASM & TIGR Conference on Microbial Genomes. It will combine the scientific excellence of the two sponsoring organizations’ previous meetings on the topic–ASM’s Genomes 2000 and 1997 & 1998 Small Genomes Conferences with TIGR’s annual Microbial Genomes Conferences.
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2nd Window Advances in Genome Biology and Technology
[GCORP] (Marco Island, FL) February 6-9, 2002. In 2002, AGBT will feature the expanding impact of genomic data on biological discovery across a wide variety of systems, including plants, microbes, and animals. Plenary sessions will highlight human genetics, mouse genetics, gene expression, and proteomic characterization.
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2nd Window Assay Development
[IBC] (San Diego, CA) October 16-18, 2002. IBC’s Assay Development Conference has become a premier drug discovery event with an emphasis on robust and effective HTS assay development and the application of new screening technologies to reduce costs and accelerate discovery. A key part of the conference is the Case Study Session where scientists from major pharmaceutical laboratories present real data from real screening assays.
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2nd Window Beyond Genome: Information for the Computational Age
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (San Diego, CA) June 2-7, 2002. Beyond Genome is a weeklong event covering a number of computational tools used in the analysis and correlation of genomic data.
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2nd Window BioFuture 2002
[BioFuture] (Vancouver, BC) November 21-22, 2002. Conference organizers are planning an exciting program covering a focused agenda to appeal to both the Scientific and Business Leaders. The program includes comprehensive sessions on current Technical and Management topics; as well as, a BioPartnering Forum by 20 up and coming Biotechnology Firms.
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2nd Window Bioinformatics & Genomics Research
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (San Diego, CA) June 4-5, 2002. The Bioinformatics & Genomics Research conference will focus on the tools needed to systematically link different types of datasets, and annotate the experimental data with clinical information.
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2nd Window Bioinformatics and Data Integration
[Barnett International] (Boston, MA) September 30 – October 1, 2002. This bioinformatics conference discusses strategies to extract and integrate data from a variety of genomic, interaction and biological pathway sources.
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2nd Window BioNetwork 2002
[Biotechfind.com] (Geneva, Switzerland) September 23-25, 2002. BioNetwork 2002 is the premier bio-partnering event for biotech and pharma business development and licensing executives worldwide. With a unique structure of industry case studies, roundtable discussion groups and one-to-one meetings, attendees will hear the partnering strategies of big pharma through to mid-sized biotechs.
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2nd Window CAMDA
[Duke Bioinformatics Shared Resources] CAMDA1 was founded to provide a forum to critically assess different techniques used in microarray data mining. It aims to establish the state-of-the-art in microarray data mining, as well as identify progress and highlight the direction for future effort.
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2nd Window Cell-Based Microarrays and High-Content Screening
(San Diego, CA) March 18-22, 2002. This conference will cover applications for various cell-based assay technologies, including high content cellular assays and emerging miniaturized platforms for automated electrophysiology and high throughput screening.
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2nd Window Chemical Genomics Strategies toward Concurrent Target Validation & Lead Discovery Optimization
[IBC] (Philadelphia, PA) May 30-31, 2002. This inaugural conference will not only provide an up-to-date look at the latest tools, but also actual case studies of chemical genomics applications.
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2nd Window Cheminformatics
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Philadelphia, PA) May 6-8,2002. This conference will showcase cheminformatic tools for storage, design and mining of chemical databases/information and present case examples of its success in lead identification and optimization.
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2nd Window Chips To Hits 2002
[IBC] (Philadelphia, PA) October 28 – November 1, 2002. The event brings together industry and academia to address technology and application of microarrays, protein arrays, microfluidics, sample prep, data/imaging analysis and emerging technologies in the field.
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2nd Window Data Visualization and Interpretation
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Washington D.C.) September 12-13, 2002. Data analysis involves visual, as well as statistical, understanding. Today complete biological data analysis involves a team effort including biological researchers, statisticians, bioinformaticists, database developers, and software engineers. This program is designed to incorporate each specialty into a comprehensive unit to produce yet another beneficial avenue for understanding the overwhelming information produced by biologic research.
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2nd Window Drug Discovery Informatics
[ACI] (Scottsdale, AZ) January 23-25, 2002. Senior level conference with case studies covering why integrating Bio&Chem Informatics is vital to streamlining the drug discovery process.
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2nd Window Emerging Microarray Technologies and Application
(San Diego, CA) March 18-22, 2002. This is the first meeting to recognize and combine the most promising areas of scientific advancements, therapeutic applications, and commercial developments in microtechnology. This five-day meeting features the latest research in the following three areas: Protein Microarrays, Cell-Based Microarrays and High-Content Screening, and Microarrays for Diagnostics.
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2nd Window Enzyme Technologies
[IBC] (San Francisco, CA) March 4-6, 2002. IBC’s World Congress on Enzyme Technologies is driven by this intersection of biology and engineering, and provides a showcase for both industry scientists and executives who want to identify and discuss the latest trends, technologies, techniques and products in this growing industry.
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2nd Window Gene Functional Analysis
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Santa Clara, CA) February 28 – March 1, 2002. Various approaches to modeling pathways will be addressed, along with the technical hurdles and accomplishments deployed towards that goal.
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2nd Window Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference
[TIGR] (Boston, MA) October 2-5, 2002. Attendees from around the world will gather to discuss recent advances within the field of genomics. International experts from academia, government and the private sector will be represented during GSAC’s plenary and concurrent symposia. These sessions will highlight topics such as RNA interference, advances in genomes of multicellular and single cell organisms, microarray data analysis, evolution of genomes and genome structures.
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2nd Window Genome Tri-Conference
[Cambridge Healhtech Institute] (Santa Clara, CA) February 23-March 1, 2002. “Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Genome Tri-Conference is the premier industry event for all players in the genomics field. Kicking off the Tri-Conference is Genomic Partnering, providing a platform for early-stage companies to present cutting-edge genomic technologies. The core conference, Human Genome Discovery, highlights important advances in the rapidly developing genomics area which will revolutionize the field of medicine. Rounding out the week is coverage of developments in the increasingly important field of Gene Functional Analysis.”
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2nd Window Genomic Partnering
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Santa Clara, CA) February 23-24, 2002. This platform will provide a platform for early-stage companies to present cutting-edge genomic technologies.
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2nd Window Genomics on Target: From Function to Validation
[Cambridge Health Institute] (Boston, Massachusetts) November 18-21, 2002. This conference is divided into four programs: Functional Genomics, Chemical Genomics, High-Throughput Target Validation, and Genomic Animal Models. Genomics on Target boasts over twenty-five pharmaceutical company speakers, and over eighty presentations.
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2nd Window G-Protein Coupled Receptors
[IBC] (San Diego, CA) October 14-16, 2002. The potential for greater specificity in regulating disease and for reduced side effects, has made GPCRs one of the richest targets in history for drug discovery. Despite the wide variety of GPCR-based drugs in the market today, these receptors remain the most important target class for research among pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories. IBC’s GPCR conference will feature a 2-day focus on key insights into the biology, technology and mechanisms of GPCRs, and a 3rd day specific emphasis on Cell-based Assays.
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2nd Window High Performance Computing – CANCELLED
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (La Jolla, California) January 14-15, 2002. This meeting seeks to cover issues in strategic applications for genomics and proteomics for biotech, pharma, software, andhardware engineers, for application specialists, and for anyone who envisions the marriage of supercomputers and the life sciences.
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2nd Window Human Genome Discovery
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Santa Clara, CA) February 25-27, 2002. This conference will explore the world of information technology that is impacting genomics and the life-science industry as a whole, as well as the latest efforts to create operating systems for biology.
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2nd Window Human Proteome Project
[Human Proteome Organization] (San Diego, CA) January 9-11, 2002. The reason for creating HUPO is to assist in increasing the awareness of this discipline of science across society, particularly with regard to the Human Proteome Project, and to engender a broader understanding of the importance of proteomics and the opportunities it offers in the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy of disease.
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2nd Window IBC Biochip Technologies Conference – Chips To Hits
[IBC] (Philadelphia, PA) October 27-31, 2002. Chips to Hits, produced and organized by IBC USA Conferences, is the most respected independent event dedicated to Microarray and Microfluidic new technology and applications for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Again, this year the event will be held in Philadelphia, PA, providing key access to the Eastern Seaboard’s technology and pharmaceutical belt. The event provides an educational and commercial forum for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related vendor companies to discuss new technologies and their applications.
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2nd Window Identifying & Validating Drug Targets through Genomics
[Strategic Research Institute] (Princeton, NJ) March 11-12, 2002. Topics to be addressed include: SNP Analysis & Genome Scans, Use of Key Animal Models, In-Vivo Functional Genomics, Antisense Functional Genomics, Engineered Transcription Factors, Ultra-Large HTP Libraries, DNA Microarrays, and Genomic Variation Information & Bioinformatics .
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2nd Window Impact of Genomics on Medicine
[CHI] (Munich, Germany) May 13-14, 2002. This meeting will highlight the importance of a genomic approach to drug development and estimate the actual benefit of integrating genomic data into clinical practice.
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2nd Window In Silico Biology
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (San Diego, CA) June 2-3, 2002. This conference will showcase examples and applications of computational modeling of cells, tissues, and disease.
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2nd Window Integrated Bioinformatics: High-Throughput Interpretation of Pathways and Biology
(Zurich, Switzerland) January 14-16, 2002. Topic areas include: Statistical Analysis of Microarray data, Computational Challenges in Genomic and Proteomic Data, Engineering Protein Networks, Pathway Informatics, and Linking Gene Expression with Clinical Outcomes.
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2nd Window International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems
[ICMRBS] (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) August 25 – 30, 2002, all technical sessions, posters, and exhibits will be at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, 100 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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2nd Window Ion Channel Drug Targets
[IBC] (San Diego, CA) October 14-16, 2002. Ion channels continue to be a drug target class of high interest to the pharmaceutical industry. Drug discovery for therapeutic products to manage pain and various psychiatric indications remain the focus of current ion channel research. This conference presents emerging ion channel research findings on several ion channel types. Presentations cover the genomics and cloning of ion channels, the biophysics of ion channel structure and function, as well as the physiology and pharmacology of ion channels.
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2nd Window Lab-on-a-Chip and Microarrays
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Zurich, Switzerland) January 14-16, 2002. Innovations in technology and the resulting applications of lab-on-a-chip and microarray technologies re the focus of this conference. Topic areas includes: New insights in biology through gene expression studies, exploitation of gene expression know-how, Lab-on-a-Chip and Microarray applications in the diagnostic field, Lab-on-a-Chip in Action: Point of need testing, and Dissecting signaling pathway signatures from microarray data.
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2nd Window Microarray Data Analusis
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Washington D.C.) Septem