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13th International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference
[TIGR] (San Diego, CA) October 25-28, 2001. GSAC has become one of the most
unique and important meetings
throughout the genome community. This meeting attracts the world’s
leading scientists, who come to
present their current research
findings and developments, and to
gather with other leaders within this
scientific community.

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2001 Functional Genomics Satellite Meeting
[ICEM] (Seattle, WA) October 16-18, 2001. The Functional Genomics meeting will focus on genetic changes at the molecular level, their identification, expression, and function as well as exciting associated genomic technologies.

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Beyond Genome 2001
[CHI] (San Francisco, CA) June 17-22, 2001. A weeklong event covering a number of computational tools used in the analysis and correlation of genomic data.

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[Duke Bioinformatics Shared Resources] CAMDA1 was founded to provide a forum to critically assess different techniques used in microarray data mining. It aims to establish the state-of-the-art in microarray data mining, as well as identify progress and highlight the direction for future effort.

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Chips to Hits
[IBC] (San Diego, CA) October 28 – November 1, 2001. A joining of industry and academia to address technology and application of microarrays, protein arrays, microfluidics, sample prep, data/imaging analysis and emerging technologies in the field.

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Fifth Annual Conference on Computational Genomics
[TIGR] (Baltimore, MD) November 28-December 1, 2001. An international conference on the latest technology and information in bioinformatics and computational genomics.

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Fifth Annual Conference On Computational Genomics
[TIGR] (Baltimore, MD) November 29 – December 1, 2001.

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First Annual TIGR Functional Genomics Meeting
[TIGR] (Tampa, Florida) January 17-20, 2002. The First Annual TIGR Functional Genomics Meeting will provide a venue for discussing topics such as recent results from microarray analysis, the tools being developed for analyzing the data they produce, and applications to understanding fundamental questions in biology.

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Fourth International Conference on Molecular Structural Biology
[ICMSB] (Vienna, Austria) September 5-9, 2001. Aims to bring together scientists from the field of X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, molecular biology, structure prediction, computer modeling, and microscopy.

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Functional Genomics: Using a Systems Biology Approach to Develop Novel Therapeutics
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (Cambridge, MA) October 9-10, 2001. High-throughput function determination is critical to realizing potential within whole genomes of information. Exploration of gene function will probe into how genes encode for proteins by alternative splicing and how they employ a modular approach to genetic circuitry.

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Integrating Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics
[Bioforums] (Carlsbard, CA) November 14-15, 2001. Leading practictioners witll share their strategies and insight on how to: Foster communication between your Bio and Chem Informatics’ teams to increase productivity, Manage the Plethora of information from the genome revolution, Increase a drug’s speed to marker, and discover potential therapies more easily.

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Protein Informatics
[Cambridge Healthtech Institute] (San Diego, CA) November 12-13, 2001. The Protein Informatics conference is designed to provide in-depth coverage of the development and integration of databases utilized by research scientists for the storage/retrieval, analysis, data mining, and manipulation of biological sequence, structure, function, and annotation data.

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[RECOMB, Montreal] (April 21-24, 2001) The fifth annual international conference on computational molecular biology.

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