Q: I’m a first time player, how do I get started?

A: Click on the “Scientific Procedures Manual” link for game tutorials
or click on the “Game Help” link for a page-by-page description of game
navigation. To begin playing, enter your name and click the “Learn about
the Mystery!” button.


Q: What is the Teacher Initialization Input Form?

A: The teacher initialization input forms allows a teacher to customize
the game and incorporate his/her students into the game suspect list.


Q: Why must Gender Typing be performed if we know the suspect’s

A: The gender typing procedure must still be performed because in
“real life” identification situations these tests are performed blind in
the lab with each sample identified only by a number, which allows for better
sample tracking and helps prevent sample tampering or prejudice.


Q: Why do the procedures have to be performed in a specific

A: Procedures should be performed in the desired order for cost
efficiency, i.e., the most inexpensive test should be performed when there
is the greatest number of suspects.


Q: How do I know the correct steps for each procedure?

A: All scientific information regarding the game and the procedures
can be located in the procedure manual.



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