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Edward Burlbaw, Principal Investigator of SWBIC, launches the workshop series.
Hands on laboratory experiments were performed during the workshop to provide the participants with experience in activities they could use to teach their own students. Patricia Mihok and Mary Kathleen Dixon are seen practicing their pipetting technique for a DNA gel analysis experiment.
The workshop incorporated many discussion sessions allowing for coverage of the topics of most interest to the participants. Gloria Basden-Choneska and Patricia Swanson listen as Sherri Clark (SWBIC) answers a question regarding the use and abuse of antibiotics.
Participants in the workshops authored their own web pages. Patricia Swanson is seen in the computer lab working on her web page titled “Bacteria: Friend or Foe?”. Cathy Brown and Judy Alexander are seen performing an isolation of DNA from wheat germ.
The workshops included tutorials to provide basic computer and Internet skills for participants. Mike Strand (SWBIC) is shown assisting Gary Schovajsa during one of the tutorials while Wes Hennigh ponders his work in the background.
The workshop presentations covered “The World of Microbes” and the use of computer technology to bring this type of science into the K-12 classroom.

Workshop Participants

Judy Alexander, Robert G. Babb, Gloria Basden-Choneska, Cathy Brown, Elsie Couch, Lisa Dalton, Sandi Davis, Mary Kathleen Dixon, Sondra Fugate, Libby Geissler, Rebeth Griffing, Wes Hennigh, Amy Krohn, Ralph Loerwald, Patricia Mihok, Nancy Owens, Steve Patridge, Ronda Ryals, Mitzi Sanchez, Gary Schovajsa, Vicky Smallwood, Patricia Swanson, Madeleine Taylor, Stephanie Valentine, Sandra Ward, Jackie Wells, and Allen Young.