The World of Microbes on the Internet

SWBIC Summer Workshop 1998

The SWBIC 1998 Summer Workshop for K-12 educators, titled “The World of Microbes
on the Internet,” was presented June 8-12 and June 23-25, 1998 for the Las
Cruces, NM and Lubbock, TX areas, respectively. Workshop participants designed
and worked on web pages presenting information on microbes. Although the
pages are finished, these pages are not intended to be an exhaustive treatise
on microbes but rather represent what was completed during the workshop by
the participants for their own use and as a resource for other science educators.

What are Microbes?

Microbe Classification

Microbes in Biotechnology

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The views, opinions and findings contained in the following pages are those
of the SWBIC Summer Workshop participants and should not be construed as an
official SWBIC position, policy, or decision. The citation of trade names
and names of manufacturers should not be construed as official SWBIC endorsement
or approval of the commercial services or products referenced.

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