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David Sultemeier, NMSU Student, showing great interest in the computer lab activities designed to supplement lecture information and provide hands-on experience.
The Bioinformatics workshop was held in the SWBIC computer laboratory of the NMSU Chemistry Building. Gabe Rivera (SWBIC), was ready to provide partcipants with assistance if needed.
Workshop participant, Fu’ad T. Haddadin, studies the website on screen intently as he learns more about available Bioinformatics tools on the Internet.
Dr. Sherri Clark (SWBIC), provides further clarification for Rebecca Creamer.

Workshop Participants

Bettina Brown, Michael Bullock, Kevin Clark, Rebecca Creamer, Stephen Espitia, Fu’ad T. Haddadin, Oliver Hampton, Amber Kahle, Allyssa Martinez, Erik Measure, Yolanda Olivas, Jennifer Romero, David Sultemeier, Ricardo Trejo-Calzada, and Linda Winona.