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Photosynthesis Review Questions

The questions below can be answered by entering a key-phrase from the question itself into a search engine; some of them may also be answered from sites previously listed on this web quest.

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  1. Which part of photosynthesis uses water? What happens to the water?

  2. Why are there various pigments that form the "antenna complex" of the photosystems?

  3. What unique role do the pigments of the "photochemical reaction center" of photosystems play?

  4. Where are the pigments of photosystems located in plants?

  5. Where are the pigments of photosystems located in photosynthetic bacteria?

  6. What type of "gradient" is established to provide the energy for the synthesis of ATP during photosynthesis?

  7. What is the role of NADPH in the process of  converting energy from the sun to chemical energy?

  8. What happens to the carbon dioxide used in the chemical reactions of the Calvin-Benson cycle?

  9. What is the job of rubisco?

  10. What problems do C4 plants solve?

Developed for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gadsden High School.


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