Exploring Photosynthesis:

A Socratic Webquest

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The questions regarding photosynthesis may be answered by fallowing the links below the question. Please note that these links do not fully exhaust the topic; they are merely a starting point.

  1. What is photosynthesis?
    1. Definition and overview
    2. Links to articles
  2. Why does an organism utilize photosynthesis?
    Reason for photosynthesis
  3. Where does photosynthesis occur in an organism?
    1. Parts of the cell involved in C3 and C4 photosynthesis
    2. Comparison of C3, C4, and CAM
    3. diagram of C4 and CAM pathways
      Opuntia humifosa;
      CAM pathway
      Echinacea purpurea;
      C3 pathway
      Zea mays;
      C4 pathway
  4. When does photosynthesis occur?
    1. Day and night patterns of photosynthesis
  5. How does photosynthesis occur?
    1. The Light Reaction
    2. The Dark Reaction
    3. The Role of  The Stroma and Thylakoid
      1. Definition of key terms
      2. Location in the chloroplast
  6. Photosynthesis and the environment
    1. Importance of cyanobacteria
      1. The relationship of our climate and cyanobacteria
      2. Cyanobacteria and illness
      3. Effect of algal bloom
    2. Evolution of earth’s atmosphere
    3. The Greenhouse Effect
      1. What is The Greenhouse Effect?
      2. How man affects the environment
      3. Global Warming Influences on C3 and C4 Photosynthesis
      4. CO2, Diatoms, and Global Warming
      5. CO2, Cyanobacteria, and Climate Change
      6. Effects of UV Radiation on Phytoplankton
    4. Photosynthesis Review Questions

    Devloped for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gadsden High School.