Enzyme Medical Use Activity

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  1. Show the movie “Lorenzo’s Oil.”
  2. After a discussion of the movie, have the students answer the following questions. Alternatively, I show only 1/4 of the movie at a time, discuss, and have the students answer the questions pertaining to that day.


  1. What is the full name of this disease? Why is it a degenerative disease?
  2. List some symptoms of ALD. What is the definitive sign?
  3. Explain the effect living in the Comoros Islands had on this disease.
  4. Explain and diagram why ALD usually only affects males.
  5. Using a punnett square, explain how Michaela’s mother has to be an ALD carrier.
  6. Why didn’t the first diet therapy work?
  7. In the second diet therapy, why did they decide to use oleic acid?
  8. How did the third diet therapy affect Lorenzo’s blood fat level?
  9. Why was erucic acid more effective than oleic acid in lowering Lorenzo’s blood fat level?
  10. What is Lorenzo’s Oil made from?
  11. At this time, is there any way to reverse the effects of ALD? Why?

Developed for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gasden High School.