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More and more, scientists are discovering that many diseases center around enzymes. This web quest, although not exhaustive, provides a good , basic understanding of the role of enzymes. Several of the basic questions can be answered by entering the words “enzyme definition” in a web search engine; the rest can be answered by entering a key-phrase from the question itself. Happy hunting!


  1. Definition
    Basic Enzyme Questions- Internet Activity
  2. How do enzymes affect a chemical reaction?
    Enzyme Demonstration/ Lab #1
  3. Effect of various environments
    1. Temperature
      Enzyme Lab #2
    2. pH
      Enzyme Lab #3
  4. Industrial Uses

  5. Medical Significance
    1. Disorders caused by enzymes
    2. Uses
    3. Ongoing research
      – Problem

Developed for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gadsden High School.