Cellular Respiration Review Questions

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  1. Name the three processes that contribute to cellular respiration.

  2. In eukaryotic cells, where does glycolysis occur?

  3. Where, in eukaryotic cells, would one expect to find enzymes necessary for the Krebs/ Citric Acid/ TCA cycle?

  4. What is the role of cytochromes in cellular respiration?

  5. What is the function of atmospheric oxygen in cellular respiration?

  6. What are the final products of cellular respiration?

  7. What happens to NAD+ during glycolysis and the TCA cycle?

  8. What energy powers the phosphorylation of ADP?

  9. Oxygen is toxic or unavailable to some cells. How do these cells synthesize ATP?

  10. Where does the carbon dioxide that we exhale come from?

Developed for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gadsden Hight School.