Exploring Cellular Respiration:

A Socratic Webquest

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Cellular respiration is the mode by which photosynthetic organisms convert the products of photosynthesis into usable energy. This links below attempt to answer some fundamental questions about cellular respiration. Please note that these links do not exhaust the topic, but are merely a place to start.
  1. What is cellular respiration?
    1. Overview of cellular respiration
    2. A pictorial outline
  2. Why do organisms utilize cellular respiration?
    1. The ultimate goal
    2. Cell Respiration and muscle metabolism
  3. Where does cellular respiration occur in an organism?

  4. When does cellular respiration occur?

  5. How does this process occur?
    1. Cellular respiration simulation
    2. Glycolysis
    3. Krebs Cycle
    4. Electron transport chain ( as used in oxidative phosphorylation )
  6. Cellular Respiration and the environment
    1. Red Tide
    2. Algal Blooms
    3. Saltcedar
    4. bread

      The result of cellular respiration in bread
  7. Anaerobic ATP Synthesis – Fermentation
    1. General
    2. yogurt
    3. sports
    4. wine
    5. beer
  8. Cellular Respiration Review Questions

Developed for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gadsden High School.